About us


Crash was founded in 2017 by two music enthusiasts and frequent gig-goers obsessed with new records.

Facing the same issues while studying music at university we struggled for years with promoting records. The idea of selling our own merchandise on top of that was out of the question! But that’s where Crash comes in.

Based out of Liverpool and Amsterdam, Crash is a new and innovative platform for promoting the independent music scene. We create and promote merchandise, at zero cost, on behalf of artists.

As well as trying to provide a platform that will allow new upcoming bands to expand their merchandise catalogue, we also try to source our shirts in the most Ethical way possible. Our supplier EarthPositive runs on green power, only sources organic cotton, and manufactures their products in a fair, safe environment (paying the living wage, no forced labour or child labour, no employment discrimination, and provide safe working conditions).

Within the first year of Crash’s existence, we have managed to expand our music news hub to review gigs on a regular basis in over 11 cities in the UK. Promoting the gigs that we feel need more coverage in the underground scene. Let us know where you are playing, or if you want any of your latest releases reviews, and we can get one of many gifted writers to take a look.

What we offer is on-demand production of many designs that will be available on our website, which apart from the store will feature many articles and reviews supporting independent music scene.


We are here to promote cutting edge artists and help them to monetize their work and expand their audience.
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Crash Merch LTD

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