PRIMAL / Heart and Soul | CRASH Presents

Heart and Soul is the second EP of blues rock band PRIMAL. The power trio from Derbyshire promise “soulful blues rock with howling vocals groovy riffs and pounding drums” and, as with their eponymous debut EP, they once again deliver. For those looking for a new Rock band with stellar vocals and rhythmically mesmerising beats, this new EP, free to download from PRIMAL’s website, is a must-listen.

FRANK / Gem of the Peak | CRASH Presents

Gem of the Peak is the upcoming debut album of promising Indie Rock band FRANK. The Wirksworth group, who have secured a modest following through their catchy tunes and larger than life stage presence, are releasing the album with Sound-Hub Records on May 11th, 2018, but I was given an exclusive preview to review. For those who are fans of talented vocals and an array of influences combining into a unique and widespread choice of sounds, this album is for you.

PRIMAL / The Maze, Nottingham | 27th of March

On Tuesday 27th March, The Maze’s Notts in a Nutshell hosted four local artists who each displayed raw talent and provided great entertainment for those who came. Performing were PRIMAL: a blues rock power trio, Frank: a local guitar-heavy Indie Rock band, Black Cabinet: a blues-inspired rock n roll trio and Tom Shawcroft: an indie singer-songwriter.