Out Lines / Summerhall, Edinburgh | 17th of March

By way of the harmonium’s inherent melancholy and a mammoth, warping synth Out Lines introduce us to their world of woe with Buried Guns. Lured in from the outset are we by every note, lyric and brow furrow that the Scottish alt-folk heavy hitters emit.

L-Space / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 11th of March

In effect at Sneaky’s this eve is a percussion prohibition, self-imposed by the trio of performing acts. Drum kits of a physical nature may be nowhere in sight but a barrage of gadgetry: laptops, drum-machines, synths, et al, fill the void and deliver sounds unachievable by traditional means.

The Van T’s / Stereo, Glasgow | 16th of February

The Van T’s, without fuss nor muss, burst straight out the gates with Blood Orange, inducing us in an instant to their deluge of distortion.

Peach Pit / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 10th of February

Those amongst us academically shackled, burdened by the ever-dwindling financial strain of student loans, certainly know how to squeeze every penny’s worth from a night of tunes. Sneaky’s is chocker from the outset tonight — the kind of squeeze where if you move, we all move.

Casey Lowry / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 7th of February

A modest gathering of souls, brave enough to face the lingering breath of winter, mill around the bar at Sneaky Pete’s awaiting their musical entertainment for some welcome warmth. Casey Lowry and his accompanying band of merry lads tie off the evening with their bopped-out indie-pop.

Siobhan Wilson with the Demi Octet / The Mackintosh Church, Glasgow | 2nd of February

Celtic Connections has graced Glasgow with 25 years of live musical entertainment now — a tremendous endeavour undertaken by all those involved, and always received with warm welcome by the fair city’s denizens as a remedy for the winter blues.

Dead Vibrations – S/T Album | CRASH Presents

Dead Vibrations have been graced with a niche opportunity on account of how rare sightings are of psyched-out, shoegazing, grunge monsters in their native Stockholm, which has made the band’s birth and rise all the more streamlined.

Avalanche Party / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 30th of January

Independent Venue Week was treated to the most bacchanalian celebration of our wee isle’s most impassioned, stalwart and maverick musical establishments at Sneaky Pete’s on Tuesday with a trio of acts dead set on razing the locale to rubble.

One Last Thrill / Face It | CRASH Presents

Andover’s smashingly steadfast rock outfit One Last Thrill kick off their year with single Face It on February 2nd, accompanied by a launch show at The Winchester Gate in Salisbury. The release is the first of a planned triptych of singles scheduled to crash down later in the year, culminating in their third EP.

Sextile / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 23rd of January

Where did all this smoke and darkness come from? ‘Hey everyone, we’re Sextile and we’ve come all the way from Los Angeles, California.’ This introduction, boldly belted by lead singer Brady Keehn, in tandem with the first six seconds of sonic madness, adequately solve the mystery of the atmos-shift.