Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SWX, Bristol | 25th of May

New Zealanders Ruban Nielson and Jake Portrait, otherwise known as Unknown Mortal Orchestra are psychedelic rock gurus who specialise in the art of melty riffs and dream like vocals mixed in with meaty guitar solos.

Boy Azooga / Heartbreakers, Southampton | 25th of April

Boy Azooga cropped up on my Spotify recommended a little while back and their track Face Behind Her Cigarette had me hooked. Keyboardist Dylan was surprised to hear that the algorithms were working in the up-and-coming band’s favour, someone’s doing something right! he said shaking his head. The four guys, Davey Newington on vocals and guitar, Sam Barnes on bass, Dylan Morgan on keys and Dafydd Davies the drummer are fresh faced lads from Cardiff with some serious talent.