Wyvern Lingo / The Louisiana, Bristol | 17th of May

Harmonies are but a part of Wyvern Lingo’s impressive repertoire.

Laying to bare their throes, woes and considerations, the young Irish trio glided through acoustic hymns and rhythmic indie pop on Thursday evening. We responded accordingly. There’s an Éire of great talent in each of them, and in each moment that Caoimhe Barry or Karen Cowley take the lead to emotively twist their tales.

Oshun / The Fleece, Bristol | 15th of May

Oshun discussed the origin of their title in a recent interview: ‘a West African traditional deity…a goddess who governs over sweet waters’. This benevolent figure in Yoruba religion marks the duo’s project as one of grandiose intention.

Too Many Zooz / The Marble Factory, Bristol | 10th of May

Now then, Too Many Zooz is a kooky expression isn’t it? If someone pointed a finger or a trumpet at me and said that in a semi accusatory tone I’d go right ahead and assume I was displaying an excess of something I don’t even know. Well those three names up there and the instruments next to them are Too Many Zooz. Fittingly, that implacable abundance is precisely what you get from their high octane showings. I’m not even sure how to write about them.

The Herbaliser / The Fleece, Bristol | 7th of May

Those at The Fleece on Monday were fortunate enough to catch the final show of The Herbaliser’s UK tour. A strong crowd and an even stronger ensemble of musicians (8 in total) – all seemingly indefatigable in the midst of Bank Holiday heat – saw out the long weekend in style.

Akua Naru / The Fleece, Bristol | 2nd of May

On Wednesday, Naru performed in Bristol at The Fleece. Lights of blues and greens flicked across the stage as she appeared before the crowd, barefoot, following an instrumental intro from her (supremely talented) five-piece band.

Something Anorak / Bowling | CRASH Presents

I listened to Something Anorak a over the Winter. My pink ears flicked through the musical offerings of local songwriters, players, bands, and when I came across them I found myself listening to the work in perhaps half-an-hour stretches, and in such stretches I found rich and interesting elements. The Bristol duo recently released their sophomore LP Bowling. How is it?

Bon Iver / Eventim Apollo, London | 27th of February

“Philosophise… figure…what I have and have not held.” These lyrics capture a sort of inevitable element of humanism. They also function fairly well as an example of what Bon Iver’s music stirs in me, what it can or does provoke in fortunate others.

Joseph J. Jones / The Louisiana, Bristol | 12th of March

Joseph J. Jones has got some voice. It tells stories, and it does it well. Whether metaphorically (Gospel Truth) or literally (the straight forward, protective story behind Put the Word Out), the baritone power in his heartfelt crescendos seems doubly effective because of quieter, surprising falsetto turns.

Emily Magpie / The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol | 16th of January

An ambient, soulful, techno-poppy chimera of fun, her music makes for quite the live experience. Listening to her, you’re not quite sure whether to shake and move or stand and sway.

Everything Else / The Mother’s Ruin, Bristol | 15th of January

Bristol is in the midst of its ‘Free For All’ festival, a month of free music which, this year, sees performances from over 150 artists. On the 15th I went to see Everything Else.