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Belly / The Glee Club, Cardiff | 11th of June

It’s the beginning of the night, and doors have just opened. Dedicated fans wearing official Belly t-shirts are already pushed up to the front of the stage, with no barrier to set them apart from where their beloved performers will soon be standing. Half an hour later and the floor is awash with fans. The crowd waits with anticipation for the show to begin.

PRIMAL / Heart and Soul | CRASH Presents

Heart and Soul is the second EP of blues rock band PRIMAL. The power trio from Derbyshire promise “soulful blues rock with howling vocals groovy riffs and pounding drums” and, as with their eponymous debut EP, they once again deliver. For those looking for a new Rock band with stellar vocals and rhythmically mesmerising beats, this new EP, free to download from PRIMAL’s website, is a must-listen.

Body Hound / Wharf Chambers, Leeds | 5th of June

With a set riddled in unnamed new material showcased live for the first time, Body Hound’s performance in Leeds’ Wharf Chambers almost feels like a brutal trial run – yet one that still left enough of a mark on witnesses to resonate.

Black Map / Broadcast, Glasgow | 3rd of June

Fresh from a presumably blinding set at Camden Rocks Festival, Black Map grace the stage in Broadcast for their first ever Scottish headline show. With the magnificent Black Orchid Empire and Randolph’s Grin in tow as support acts for the night, a rather modest crowd can only assume they’re in for a compelling evening of entertainment.

Frankie and the Witch Fingers / Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow | 30th of May

Nice N Sleazy the venue, Wed 30th May; Surf, Rock and Stoner collide to send Glasgow from the “West End” to the “West Coast”. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, invited by Freakender, are supplemented by the casual waves of Rottenrows, and the blasting riffs of Shredd.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra / SWX, Bristol | 25th of May

New Zealanders Ruban Nielson and Jake Portrait, otherwise known as Unknown Mortal Orchestra are psychedelic rock gurus who specialise in the art of melty riffs and dream like vocals mixed in with meaty guitar solos.

ISLAND / Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff | 22nd of May

ISLAND cultivated a mesmerising performance and their enjoyment of performing was infectious. They put a lot of feeling into their gig, which furthered its visual quality. Their songs generally consisted of distorted electric guitar riffs which, paired with bass and drums, had a relaxed, dream-like quality.

Wyvern Lingo / The Louisiana, Bristol | 17th of May

Harmonies are but a part of Wyvern Lingo’s impressive repertoire.

Laying to bare their throes, woes and considerations, the young Irish trio glided through acoustic hymns and rhythmic indie pop on Thursday evening. We responded accordingly. There’s an Éire of great talent in each of them, and in each moment that Caoimhe Barry or Karen Cowley take the lead to emotively twist their tales.

Oshun / The Fleece, Bristol | 15th of May

Oshun discussed the origin of their title in a recent interview: ‘a West African traditional deity…a goddess who governs over sweet waters’. This benevolent figure in Yoruba religion marks the duo’s project as one of grandiose intention.

Beans on Toast / The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool | 11th of May

It’s the 11th of May 2018, in the heart of Liverpool’s sprawling docklands, and Beans on Toast is getting ready to perform as he never quite has before – in front of a seated audience. At the Invisible Wind Factory, with Emilio Pinchi and Boss Caine set to support, this is going to be a night to remember.