81 Acoustic / 81 Renshaw, Liverpool | 19th of January

81 Acoustic / 81 Renshaw, Liverpool | 19th of January

A New Year calls for new music and what better way to start it than a night of hearing the music of local Liverpool bands and artists trying to be heard and break through the consistent white noise of commercial music and radio? 81 Renshaw Street; Liverpool’s local, famous for its independent, quirky charm supplied a dry mouthed audience with a line-up of thirst quenching musicians in the form of Gal Pal, Evil Pink Machine, Lotus Bay, Anaisa and Gill Guillermo.

Gal Pal commenced the night, a two piece band consisting of Beth Booth on keyboard and Will Truby on guitar, bass, and occasional glockenspiel. The couples high vocals and harmonies carried the set, cutting through the venue like a knife, hushing the crowd who listened intently to every verse ushered. Gal Pal’s set included All My Sin, Over This and How from their 2017EP If You Tuck Me In, I Will Go To Sleep.

Evil Pink Machine prepared a very special acoustic performance at 81 Renshaw to kick off their first show of 2018, along with Stylophone and an extra special four handed Casiotone to add to the night. The stripped back, battery powered set began with EPMs single Other Side of the Sun from their second EP Inner Brighter released in 2015, with lead singer Igor on acoustic guitar, Ibone on bass and Dani on trusty Casiotone. This was then followed by Ghosts and Back of My Head which introduced an intimate, seductive mood to the set, emphasised by Igor’s sultry vocals in the cosy venue of 81 Renshaw and the close knit space between the audience and the band. The next song Ink harked back to Evil Pink Machine’s first self-titled in 2014 that fit perfectly with the consistent notes blasted from the Casiotone and soft delivery of the acoustic guitar.

Evil Pink Machine, 81 Renshaw

Now to liven up the mood and bring us back to the present EPM delivered a unique rendition of Synthpop Romance; their newest single from 2017 which unsurprisingly played perfectly with the bands stylophone and Casiotone. To top it off EPM gave their first ever performance of Pink Starship, a beautiful song that really showcased Igor’s soft emotive vocal range reminiscent of The Strokes Julian Casablanca. Concluding the set, Evil Pink Machine finished with Vampire, that Ibone and Dani felt was best carried out with a four handed Casiotone.

You can’t deny the chemistry and fun Evil Pink Machine have on stage, enjoying every single minute, the band are just getting better, stay tuned for more bigger better things from this band including the soon to be released new single 164MPH coming very soon and next performance at Liverpool’s Sound on the 2nd February.

Lotus Bay where up next whose lead man Matteo brought the bands of the night together successfully at 81 Renshaw. Matteo on guitar with his silky smooth vocals resonated in songs such as Hold Me Close and How Do You Cope bringing to mind the soulfulness of Jeff Buckley. Yet the mood soon changed to a funkier tempo with Slipped Away and again on the more Pink Floyd style song Burning Man. The rest of Lotus Bay also held their own with Jasmin on bass and vocals, Will on keyboard and Marco on drums.

Anaisa acoustic set was soulful and bluesy with a powerful voice to the likes of Lana Del Ray and Amy Winehouse. So much so that Anaisa wrote a touching ode especially to Amy Winehouse with her song Amy. Anaisa’s natural stage presence and charm are magnetic on stage, captivating the crowd and leaving you wanting more. Her set included singles Sun Don’t Shine and Thinkin’ Bout You/Rhythm Is A Dancer including covers of Gnarls Barkley Crazy and Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks.

Gill Guillermo where the last band to play but by far the least, bringing the noise with Gill Guillermo on Guitars and Vocals, Zak Langford-Doo on electric Guitar, Stephen Geisler on Keys, Chris Jones on Bass and Gard Rognskog-Nodset on Drums. Gill Guillermo fronted the band from Haifa, Israel enthusing different genres of Folk Psychedelia to Bossa-Nova induced pop with inspirations such as J.J.Cale, Cat Stevens and Jack Johnson. Guillermo’s set included songs like Trees, Rain and a special Hebrew song about a girl who doesn’t like him to the amusement of the crowd.

All in all the night at 81 Renshaw was a roaring success, bringing musicians, musos and people together in the name of local Liverpool music. It’s independent venues such as 81 Renshaw that help keep the music scene alive for bands and artists in the city to showcase their talent and inspire others. If you are intrigued to experience it yourself, follow 81 Renshaw on Facebook for more news on up and coming shows and events happening soon.


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