Acrylic / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 29th of March

Acrylic / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 29th of March

On Thursday 29th March Edinburgh’s famous Sneaky Pete’s, hosted an EP launch for Glasgo w alternative rock quintet Acrylic and their new release All I Am. Performing were Posable Action Figure: a blues-inspired pop-rock duo of guitar and drums, Mt Doubts lead singer Leo Bargery: alternative singer/songwriter. And finally, Acrylic.

To start off the night, after some last minutes rearrangements to the gig, was Mt Doubts lead singer, Leo Bargery. Leo created a sonically dark atmosphere around the small tight space with the hard strumming of his reverb-heavy guitar and the deep monotonous tone of his powerful voice, often breaking out into screams. The lyrics were very personal like he was giving the audience a part of himself and was pouring his heart and soul into his performance. His ability to maintain a strong and heavy guitar sound and keep up with his even stronger voice was remarkable.

Breaking away from the dark and personal ambience that had been left on the stage by their predecessor, Posable Action Figures delivered nothing but energy with their heavy guitar and drums. They were complete polar opposites with frontman Gareth Goodlad showing off some impressive guitar riffs over loud and fast drum breaks. They were, in my eyes, well rehearsed as both instruments bounced off each other like old friends, however, Gareth then stated that they had not in fact: “rehearsed for five weeks”, referring to the last minute change in the lineup. Their music was a mixture of heavy and fast drum beats filled with hypnotic bluesy guitar riffs laced with Gareth’s strong voice and were, ultimately, well put together and infectious.

However, it was Acrylic who stole the thunder, and quite rightly so as it was their night. Their stage entrance was eerie, with a loud string drone encompassing the atmosphere around the audience, and in hindsight gave an overall summary of the bands sound. Dark and encompassing, almost as if it is suffocating you. After a few moments, they appeared in a thick haze of smoke and immediately burst into song. Clearly a tight-knit group of friends, the group worked well providing slow and reverb-heavy guitar tones filled with heavy drum kicks and a thick bass sound which cut up the space in-between. Then to add to this was the lead singer Andreas Christodoulidis voice, which was in some ways angelic. Providing low bass notes and almost falsetto singing in parts. This was then backed up by harmonising backup singing from guitarist Ross Patrizio. Without a doubt, the highlight of the night would have to be Acrylics final song, All I Am.

Initially starting with a deep synthesizer drone, the song is then layered with distant vocals giving a very spacey feel to it. The smooth guitar tracks are then backed by pulsating drum beats and the bass is just shining through over the top of the two. The song builds in intensity until it reaches such a point that the two guitarists are almost duelling for space over this sonic wall of noise, fighting for breathing space. The song reaches a climax with all of the band giving it everything they have. This was without a doubt the best song of the night and, in my opinion, is deservedly the title track of their new EP.

I am excited to see where such a talented group of young guys can go as well as the other artists, after such a small amount of time, and I believe that they will continue to improve and advance in the music industry.

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