Andrew Hung / The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham | 16th of November

Andrew Hung / The Hare and Hounds, Birmingham | 16th of November

On the 16th November The Hare and Hounds played host to Andrew Hung.

First act Arc Vel soon took to the stage. The DJ used a projector to create some visuals that linked in perfectly with the synthesised beats he was making. This helped the DJ attempt to create a club atmosphere in this small room. However, unfortunately even though Arc Vel had all the talent with amazing musicianship and creating powerful pulsating beats, he could not make this small venue a night club. This ultimately led to a set in which a talented DJ was stood playing to a near silent crowd, which sadly hurt what could have been a strong opening act.

The half an hour wait for Andrew Hung killed off a lot of energy that Arc Vel had tried so hard to build up. Andrew Hung soon took to the stage with a funk driven set that helped quickly re-energise the room. Hung possess a unique charm and when you see him and his band all smiling and dancing around on stage together, you cannot help but smile. The band continued to win over fans with their humor throughout the set. The band harmonised with one another perfectly, displaying how well the members knew each other’s vocal ranges. Hung’s use of synthesiser on his voice made some extremely high pitched effects. Initially, this action helped show how creative his collective is. The charm from this effect did not last long, and soon saw certain members of the crowd chuckling. This hurt what was an extremely clever creative decision, with some members of the crowd seeing it as nothing more than a cheap gag. Hung did not let this phase him, and continued to tear through his set. Soon Andrew Hung had the crowd nodding along to his music again. This would see him walk into the crowd while singing, showing how passionate Hung is about his music. Soon Andrew Hung came to the end of his set, and this saw the band play a slow and emotional song while the man itself clapped and cheered heavily as the last note of the song was played. Due to the backstage area being at the back of the crowd Andrew Hung walked through the crowd to exit the stage, this saw fans continue to clap and cheer him and the band as they walked through them to go backstage.

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