As Sirens Fall / The Key Club, Leeds | 3rd of December

As Sirens Fall / The Key Club, Leeds | 3rd of December

The Key Club played host to Yorkshire’s finest talent on December 3rd. With a line-up that contained 3 young bands in the form of 2017 Soundwave festival winners Stand Alone, upcoming pop rock three piece Your Illuminations and As Sirens Fall themselves who have spent the last 2 years working tirelessly to create a dedicated, passionate fan base and outstanding live shows.

Stand Alone opened the night with a set that saw a packed Key Club come to life. The bands powerful full bass tones and heavy guitars showcase how Stand Alone ran away with a victory at Soundwave festival earlier this year. The band perfectly mixed songs off their debut EP with new tracks to build a set that was enjoyable for long term fans and those who have just been introduced to the band. As Stand Alone closed out their set you could sense this was the start of what was going to be an outstanding night.

Your Illuminations where next to take the stage. Covering themselves and the stage in glitter and fairy lights. The whole crowd were soon dancing along to Stay Sixteen and Viagra. Your Illuminations front man and guitarist Robbie Stuart was clearly loving the night and happy to finally be out of a wheel chair after breaking some bones in his left leg a few months ago, and this saw the front man constantly running around the stage. As Your Illuminations got into the swing of things, the band pulled two members of the crowd onto the stage with them to help them play a song, this saw the two young fans having to play the tambourine and shoes. This was both comical and charming. However, this jovial feeling was not to continue. Due to Your Illuminations wanting to use their platform the make a statement about staying strong and being there for one another. This saw the band play their latest single Glitter.

Finally, As Sirens Fall came onto the stage. The band came on to loud sirens and smoke all of this build up helped establish As Sirens Falls latest image as a rebel band similar to what My Chemical Romance did with their Danger Days moniker. As Sirens Fall played new tracks such as My Mind which features Benji Webbe from Skindred, alongside tracks from their hugely successful debut EP The Hospital Party. This delightful mixture of older material saw the packed Key Club go crazy for As Sirens Fall and lead to the crowd jumping up and down and singing along to every song As Sirens Fall Played.

As the show ended it became apparent something extremely special had just taken place. The north of England has been responsible for building so many iconic musicians and seemingly is set to do this again with all three acts from this show. You could not help but feel this to a degree more than just a rock show with both As Sirens Fall and Your Illuminations using time in their set to talk about the importance of mental health and As Sirens Fall front man Mikey Lord having his charity We Are Not Dead yet present at the show. All these factors helped make this show memorable and a very special night.


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