Avalanche Party / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 28th of April

Avalanche Party / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 28th of April

On Saturday the 28th of April 2018, Edinburgh’s underground music venue Sneaky Pete’s hosted Yorkshire based Garage-Punk band, Avalanche Party. The quintet were backed by Portalooth, a heavy rap-rock band, Oskar Braves, a new wave alternative group with a deep shoegaze feel and, finally, Shotgun City Sunshine local Edinburgh band providing classic rock and roll.

To start the night, young energetic group Portalooth brought an electric performance.

Despite being young, the band appeared really well rehearsed and ready to blow everyone away. The mixture of rap and rock was concocted perfectly, the classic hard rock sound provided by the guitar would make Jimmy Page proud. The band consistently proved to be a real driving force, merging songs into one and then finally ending with a perfectly executed cover of Rage Against the Machines’ hit song Killing In the Name. Clearly being an influence over the group, they had everything nailed to a tee, the guitar sound and the quick fingerwork on the bass was spot on. Full of energy, these guys are without a doubt one to watch.

Next to take to the stage was Dunfermline based group Oskar Braves. Vastly different from their predecessors the group provided an ambient, almost string-like sound, from their lead guitar which was a particularly impressive use of guitar pedals. Creating a sonic drone in the tight space, completely consuming the air. The deep bass vocals matched perfectly with the high-frequency noise emitting around the air. The bass provided a thick undercurrent to the rest of the music and the drums filled in the space between, producing monotonous militaryesque drums.

Local band Shotgun City Sunshine then had their chance to shine, and shine they did. Taking to stage the fuzz-heavy guitar noise sounded ever so familiar and as the bass kicked in and I then realised it was a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges. This set the tone for the groups overall sound, heavy bass presence, and hard hitting drums. The two guitars provided a hypnotic sonic layer of sound that allowed the vocals to really soar high into the tight space below. However, after a small stage invasion from one of the groups friends they came grinding to a halt.

Next was what everyone had came for, Avalanche Party. The quintet initially took to the stage without frontman Jordan Bell. The group started to play single I’m So Wet as a figure emerged from the crowd onto the stage. Staring manically at the crowd below, he then proceeded to take off his jacket, bare-chested he then pushed his way through the crowd in a trance-like state screaming “I’m So Wet” into the microphone. Before long, he was on top of the bar dousing himself in lager. This is certainly an unforgettable start to a concert and set the tone for the rest of their performance. Their sound was so distinctive, a thick drum beat carried the group with the bass producing quick and hypnotic riffs. This then added to reverb-heavy guitar which lifted the sonic wall that they had been building. All of this, with a drone synthesizer tone, was so in your face and really set the hairs on the back of your neck on end. The noise was almost nauseating, every space was filled with this thick punk noise which was very intense and powerful.

The highlight of the night lay with Porcelain, with its industrial guitar sound and the substantial, military drums. The guitar sound being most prominent, laying down a steady swinging guitar sound that was really well worked and rehearsed. These guys are without a doubt one to watch in the future, heart racing and in your face, they really have something special and I wish them continued success for all that comes their way.


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