Boy Azooga / Heartbreakers, Southampton | 25th of April

Boy Azooga / Heartbreakers, Southampton | 25th of April

Boy Azooga cropped up on my Spotify recommended a little while back and their track Face Behind Her Cigarette had me hooked. Keyboardist Dylan was surprised to hear that the algorithms were working in the up-and-coming band’s favour, someone’s doing something right! he said shaking his head. The four guys, Davey Newington on vocals and guitar, Sam Barnes on bass, Dylan Morgan on keys and Dafydd Davies the drummer are fresh faced lads from Cardiff with some serious talent.

Boy Azooga’s style can be described as Alternative/Indie but several tracks have a psychedelic vibe, I spied a Line 6 Echo Park pedal lurking under the keyboard which contributed to the band’s brilliantly altered sound which is similar to that of Temples or Teleman. The set list was smart, starting off with a couple of high energy tracks like Cigarette and then playing some more mellow tunes including Jerry, a beautiful song about Davey’s girlfriend’s dog. The boys then brought the noise with Upside Down and Loner Boogie two of my favourites, both are insatiably catchy and the gutsy guitar riff in Loner Boogie had everyone in Heartbreakers shaking.

Oh did I mention there were maracas?

Davey handed out three maracas to the front row; we shook along to the drums and ratted in applause as the show came to an end and the boys even let us keep them. I chatted to the 3 D’s Dylan, Davey and Dafydd after the show and can tell you they are such humble and genuine guys which is so refreshing.

Boy Azooga will be releasing their debut album 1,2, Kung Fu! on the 8th of June which you can pre-order from Heavenly Recordings here – and if last night’s set list is anything to go by then you will not want to miss out! I have a feeling that Boy Azooga is a name many of us will be all too familiar with in the near future as they have all the stellar qualities of a headlining, new wave band.

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