Childcare / The Castle Hotel, Manchester | 21st of November

Childcare / The Castle Hotel, Manchester | 21st of November

Childcare didn’t take the Castle Hotel in Manchester by storm, no, they took it with humble modesty that you’d expect from any band touring Manchester for the first time. It was far too easy to fall in love with their vibrant southern Indie Pop styling which seeped into the crowd as they indulged us with some of their finest hits including their latest single Put Down Your Pen, released on 21/11/2017. The experience which the band reverently offered to their handful of fans was simplistic, yet powerful enough to move the entire room with their charm and quintessential flamboyance.  Even on a cold and drizzly Thursday night, they managed to pack out The Castle Hotel, which has been a cornerstone to Manchester’s music scene for decades. It’s easy for bands to get swallowed up in the musical Mecca that is the Northern Quarter in Manchester, but for me, Childcare stood out with their adoringly Twee fashion. Opening for Childcare was the Manchester grown support act Sonic Bliss Machine, a home-grown band that knew how to please a Northern crowd with their Alternative, Psychedelic sound.

The ubiquitously talented quartet finished 2016 by playing a nationwide tour with Bastille. Though it’s hard to imagine them addressing thousands in an arena crowd after such an intimate experience with the band. They immersed themselves in the crowd, offering witticisms that invoked genuine humour within the atmosphere. There was no grandiosity to the performance but a refreshing taste of simplistic humility that I could have listened to for hours. Sadly, it was a relatively short set one which left me insatiable for their sound after they finished on the uproar of one of their well-known hits Kiss.

At points throughout the gig, it was hard not to compare the enigmatic front man to Bez from the Happy Mondays as he jangled his tambourine with his enthralling passion. The performance almost had a nostalgic air to it, as the young fans, which made up most of the crowd got a taste of what it was like to listen to their favourite bands in the Hacienda. His reproach to his performance was anything but reserved, he eliminated any space that stood between the sound and the audience as they played their hits seamlessly, never missing a beat. There were a few mishaps during the show, but that only extended my admiration for the band. From start to finish it was evident they enjoyed their performance as much as every person in the crowd. There was an uproar as they played their well-known anthem Getting Over You which was undeniably the highlight of the show. No review of Childcare would be complete without a notable mention to the bassist & back up vocalist that soaked selected songs in bass heavy riffs that were full of angelic soul. She charmed the audience with genuine charisma and raw talent.

Overall this talented collective offered an unforgettable experience. I expect to hear a lot more from them in the future! You can catch them on the last leg of their tour in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, Leeds and London. More details of their tour can be found on their website:



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