Dead Houses – Like to Know / Grey | CRASH Presents

Dead Houses – Like to Know / Grey | CRASH Presents

Liverpudlian post-punk quartet Dead Houses inject their latest dose of scuzzing angst onto the scene by way of Society of Losers Records: a double single release coupled with a celebratory launch gig at DROP the Dumbulls in Liverpool on the 27th of January. The single marks the label’s first release of 2018.

Like to Know kicks things off with a fiercely formidable flavour, its harsh vocals, fuzzy guitar, thrashing percussion and menacing bass culminate into a loathsome witches’ brew. Densely packed with spades of reverb, distortion, and noise, this cut cranks things up to top-tier levels of disruption from the get-go

Second single, Greys – the more elaborate of the two offerings – brings a sense of impending dread, teased through the verse, delivered in the chorus. The track’s persistent discordance evokes sinister wafts of Korn, as well as an eerie measure of Deftones. It always feels as though things are on the brink of violence, restrained until the hammer strikes, and when it does, it’s nasty: vocals soar to pain-laced highs, drums crash to centre stage and the guitar work switches from timid corner-dweller to vicious prison razor in a swift slash of the wrist. However, the vocal duties sound akin to the half-baked problem child of Ian Curtis and Jim Morrison: deep and dark like ocean trenches, but lacking in nuance and sincere torment.

On the whole, moments of promise amass in plenty, the band showcase their vitality evidently on their sleeves, but the vocals are in need of necessary refinement in order for their advance to glory; after a polish, these lads could kill it.

More information and tickets are available on Facebook event page.


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  • BillJanuary 20, 2018 at 11:47 pm

    Unbelievable Can Not Wait for This !! Big Year for These Boys!


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