DEAD! / The Flapper, Birmingham | 31st of January

DEAD! / The Flapper, Birmingham | 31st of January

DEAD! have slowly established themselves as one of the biggest and most exciting underground bands in UK. They brought a stellar line up of similar underground talent with them, when they played The Flapper on January 31st.

Blank Parody opened the night, with a set full of tracks off their latest EP and new songs which only recently have been recording. Closing their set by throwing playing cards into the audience as they played their latest single Underachiever which is set to have a music video released for it on February 2nd. There was a feeling that all in attendance had just witnessed the start of something special, and the beginning of a new exciting chapter in the Blank Parody’s career.

A Promise To Forget were next to play. The bands set featured tracks with powerful choruses and catchy guitar hooks. The only flaw in this set was that inbetween songs you could hear a click, that the band were using to presumably keep in time with one another. If this was the case as distracting as it was, the click being audible between songs was a small sacrifice for a set that was water tight and surely has won over a fair few new fans for this band.

The Kenneths took to stage soon after and whipped the crowd into a frenzy. The punk rock sound of The Kenneths quickly saw the crowd head-banging along. Clearly having a positive effect on The Kenneths, seeing their lead singer crowdsurfing and singing along with fellow fans. These antics made it apparent to all in attendance The Kenneths are punk rock in all the right ways, with fast drums, catchy guitars and lyrics focussed on life and being young, The Kenneths are living proof punk is not dead and a younger generation are ready to take the torch and run with it.

By this point you could almost feel the excitement in the air and as soon as DEAD! Came onto the stage the crowd erupted. Mosh pits soon opened up and fans were being lifted onto people’s shoulders. DEAD! fed off this energy and used it to give a performance full of passion and energy. With pretty much every track in set coming of DEAD!’s debt album The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying  the Birmingham crowd were beyond excited to finally hear tracks in the flesh, and you could tell this from how they erupted with cheers as soon as each song began and ended.  Upon beginning their encore, the crowd began to climb on stage with DEAD! creating an extremely memorable image that shows how passionate DEAD!’s fanbase is but also how important underground music is to so many people.

Ultimately at the end of this show you could not help but feel you had just been part of some form of new movement. Stood in a small venue with the smell of cigarette smoke in the air it is apparent British rock music is alive and well it’s just in the hands new generation now and they have decided DEAD! will represent them and all they stand for.


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