El Goodo / The Castle Hotel, Manchester | 13th of January

El Goodo / The Castle Hotel, Manchester | 13th of January

I could pretend that encapsulating the essence of El Goodo’s sold out live performance at the Castle Hotel is an easy task, but in reality, you had to be there amongst the audiophiles that insatiably lapped up every teasing rhythm to truly understand the riotous atmosphere El Goodo created.

It was clear that the turn out for the show was exclusively for El Goodo, the strident die-hard fans ambled in just as they were about to take stage, missing out on the eclectic mix of talent offered by the support bands; Mitch Bullen, Tapp & James M Carson. All I can say, is kudos to the touring manager for putting the fine mix of artists together and creating such a culture soaked evening. It was mesmerising to hear such an angelic acoustic rendition of Wicked Game, curtesy of London based singer songwriter Mitch Bullen. followed by Manchester band Tapp with their highly experimental mix of strings & loop pedals and James M Carson whose Alternative Indie Folk Rock serenaded the crowd into serendipity.

I had high hopes for El Goodo’s live performance after checking out their back catalogue & being blown away by their latest single It Makes Me Wonder. Yet, I didn’t quite anticipate how deep their ethereal bone-rattling sound would resonate with me.

The Castle Hotel is amongst my favourite haunts in Manchester to discover new talent, yet I can hand on heart say that this band didn’t belong there. The intimate venue could only just contain the cacophony of sound that the reverently talented Welsh Psychedelic collective treated the audience to. They could have kept an arena alive, and I have no doubt, that is exactly where their heading with their potent sound.

El Goodo shifted between raucous melodies and the most succinct harmonies, whilst the audience devoured their sound. Their galloping riffs, fuzzy basslines and relentless cadence of the drums did more than revive the 60’s Psychedelic genre, El Goodo remodelled the sound into a contemporary masterpiece that made me feel like I’d just stepped into a TARDIS and watched the Beach Boys live in their formative years. There wasn’t time for a weak moment in the performance, in between tracks the enigmatic lead vocalist and guitarist injected the venue with his amiable yet slightly sardonic dry sense of Welsh humour which made the whole experience even more momentous.

After their air tight set, they concluded the show by dousing the audience in an epic instrumental ensemble that was sweeter than any psychedelic that was kicking around in the 60’s. Their zealous ambience allowed me to slip into the lucidity of nostalgia and after hearing the cheers and applause that reverberated throughout the room, I could have been forgiven for thinking that I was at Glastonbury.

The bands hazy guitar riffs rang with more veracity than any other psychedelic band around today. So, if you’re a fan of Mercury Rev, Super Furry Animals, Flaming Lips or Primal Scream, make sure you check out El Goodo’s latest album By Order of the Moose released in September 2017.


One thought on “El Goodo / The Castle Hotel, Manchester | 13th of January

  • Look at Pictures + Listen to SoundJanuary 26, 2018 at 12:12 am

    Yep. They need to be heard (eard – using ears…) a lot more.

    I’m from this fair city and have seen many gimmicks pull their stances, but oddly enough I consume music by my ears and struggle to watch shapes playing shit sounds.

    El Goodo play sounds instead of pulling shapes +, given I listen to bands for their sound + not how contemporary they look, that is exactly what I seek in music. Terrific group; amazing songs + a sound that a small room struggles to hold.

    All the same, well done Manchester – we were given a room and didn’t ignore the opportunity.


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