Esme Bridie / Studio 2, Liverpool | 22nd of March

Esme Bridie / Studio 2, Liverpool | 22nd of March

The stage is set, a murmured hush turns into pitched silence as all eyes are focused upon the one young lady everyone has been so intently waiting to see. This is her moment, a beckoning silhouette emerges from the ambient purple haze, centre stage with her trusted guitar in toe. Esme Bridie stands stoic with her band ready to showcase to Studio 2 her dulcet tones. Intimate and enticing, we the audience are about to bear witness to the true effects of being captivated by beautiful perplexities. Ambient candlelight illuminates Studio 2 where a pure innocence and warmth rapture around the stage, this is Bridie’s time to shine, the birth of her album, When It Rains It Pours. The time is now, fixated eyes gaze upon Bridie and with a gentle smile to this intimate crowd of friends and family, she knows they too are with her!

Big Brown Boots roars gracefully and enigmatically from Bridie, composed and comfortable on stage, this is where she belongs. Basked in tranquillity, you can feel the love she has for performing and to be surrounded in a venue with enthralled family only unleashes a more vibrant, vigorously animated Bridie. A true natural on stage, Bridie uplifts a cold, wet Thursday, When It Rains It Pours, yet we the audience have been submerged into shear warmth. We have escaped the wet pavements and stepped inside a tantalising fortress, where the most angelic tones flutter so exquisitely and the harmonies dance in unison from wall to wall.

Bridie lays her heart bare as she interacts with the audience, she reveals the songs hold an air of melancholy, yet a message of optimism. Only Lonely People directly rasps Bridie’s demure determination, this openness reveals an honesty. Her coy, hushed tones offer an air of peace, every note echoes delicately as her band intertwine, Bride weaves effervescently.

Time stands still, the audience are frozen, beguiled and raucously applauding after every song. Every face longs for more as Bridie embraces every moment, delving deeper into her heart, we hear the most yearnful stories. Precious Life and Strangers offer whimsical whispers that resonate throughout this intimate venue, so tantalising any worries or stresses can magically be cured with just an angelic whisper.

Esme leaves us where the album begins, with Self Destructive as the audience hang onto her every word, fixated eyes and raucous encore requests deafen Studio 2. Centre stage, Bridie offers her loyal fans What You Had Yesterday, a gentle monologue emerges, just Bride and her guitar purge the most raw vulnerability, so strong and subtle. Mesmerised the audience gaze, listening to the sweetest echoes reverberating around the room.

Pure perfection, a humbled smile of satisfaction. An album launch to be remembered, truly mesmerising, this is a lady to watch out for! Speaking to Bridie after the gig, she told me she was ready to perform again, exhilarated by this performance, with honest, open eyes you could see how humbled and overwhelmed she was by the love and support.  This is a night the audience and Studio 2 will not forget for a long time – the night hypnotic, velvety tones echoed so elegantly entrancing you into a reverie of pure bliss!

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