Forever In Debt / Forget Me Knot | CRASH Presents

Forever In Debt / Forget Me Knot | CRASH Presents

From Widnes in the North West of England comes the rock band Forever In Debt. Described on their Bandcamp page as “Ear-splittin’ grunge noise”, I personally think there couldn’t have been a better way to describe them that concisely. This EP, titled Forget Me Knot, begins with Without A Sense of Summer, which is a kick to the face, leaving the listener fallen to the floor thinking “Wow, I was not ready for that”. It’s harsh, brutal and dark, exactly what a band like Forever In Debt should sound like. Following this belter is Rabbit Hole, one I find to be a lot more on the psychedelic side of things, especially the guitar work. It’s worth noting that the band’s performance on this EP is fantastic, as well as production from Matt Heap.

The second half of this 4-track EP are actually live recordings. Beginning with Billy, on first impressions, I personally get a bit of a Foo Fighters vibe with this one, but darker and rawer. With fuzzy bass and filtered guitar galore, this song’s a feel-good anthem. Chewing Bees cranks up that darkness again. The drums have got a beat quite reminiscent of an old-school hip-hop feel. With vocal work that just sounds angry and vulnerable, this song is a straight-up headbanger that anyone into their grunge could get some enjoyment out of.

All in all, this is a really enjoyable EP. Now you might be thinking at this point, “Well, I would check it out but you haven’t really talked about what they sound like,”. That’s exactly what I’m about to do now. For me, personally, their sound brings back some of the older flavours but puts their own blend of spices in; it’s like Nirvana mixed with 90s Marilyn Manson (specifically Antichrist Superstar), with a dash of Nine Inch Nails in there for good measure, as well as other grunge/hard rock artists from that time. With hypnotic and powerful riffs, a driving bass section and a leading vocal that can and will scream directly at you with no intention of stopping, Forever In Debt can only have good things lined up for them. An EP like this has made sure that I forget them knot.

If you’re gonna check these guys out, Without A Sense of Summer is where to start.

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