FRANK / Gem of the Peak | CRASH Presents

FRANK / Gem of the Peak | CRASH Presents

Gem of the Peak is the upcoming debut album of promising Indie Rock band FRANK. The Wirksworth group, who have secured a modest following through their catchy tunes and larger than life stage presence, are releasing the album with Sound-Hub Records on May 11th, 2018, but I was given an exclusive preview to review. For those who are fans of talented vocals and an array of influences combining into a unique and widespread choice of sounds, this album is for you.

FRANK’s choice to not stick close to one sound as many Rock-inspired artists do is a bold one, that tells their audience they aren’t like every other band and are working hard for their success. During my listening, I was impressed when I heard multiple subgenres of Rock. For instance, opening track Kamikaze Days sported a classic Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe, with heavy guitars and crashing throwing you immediately into an exhilarating atmosphere. Lead singer Craig Wheeldon’s rambunctious, accented vocals was particularly well-suited to this raucous, rocking track, which as opening songs go, really gives the album a strong, charismatic start.

The album’s lead track, Life People, is similar in that it relies on the well-executed guitar instrumentals and the unique vocals of Wheeldon, but slows the pace to a more modern sound. The simple yet effective riff feels it would not go amiss in most popular current Rock bands, yet that is in no way a criticism, more an observation that the track would be likely welcomed by most rock fans and will draw comparisons to such bands as Stereophonics and even Oasis. However, Wheeldon’s Gallagher-esque vocals are still more than unique and equally as memorable and proudly displays a sound ready to burst into the charts.

Gem of the Peak also displays FRANK’s talent at slower, more experimental tracks. Influences of early Coldplay spring to mind with the gentle, romantic strumming and rhythmic drumbeats present in the opening of Only Just Begun to Lose. When accompanied by Wheeldon’s slower and deeper vocals and harmonious backing vocals, as well as a consistently bright and positive sound, it gives us one of the album’s best songs; if you wanted to hear FRANK’s raw talent, this would be the go-to song.

The biggest compliment I can pay this album is the countless time a song made me smile or laugh. The band’s endearing nature, shown even greater on stage, shines through this album and is present on a multitude of tracks. The down-to-earth and relatable lyrics penned and performed make me confident that success is waiting around the corner for this promising band. My personal favourite, Only for Tonight, boasts a jolly, attractive beat and tells a hilariously relatable and risqué tale of drunkenly choosing a girl that will “have to do” and etched a permanent smile onto my face. I must highlight that, although FRANK uses multiple guitarists, each member does their job to a tee to create such an enjoyable sound. Similarly, inventive tracks like Pushchairs & Pint Pots and the titular Gem of the Peak also boast daring but fun lyrics and an indie, captivating beat which, as with the album in general, you won’t soon forget.

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