Frankie and the Witch Fingers / Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow | 30th of May

Frankie and the Witch Fingers / Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow | 30th of May

Nice N Sleazy the venue, Wed 30th May; Surf, Rock and Stoner collide to send Glasgow from the “West End” to the “West Coast”. Frankie and the Witch Fingers, invited by Freakender, are supplemented by the casual waves of Rottenrows, and the blasting riffs of Shredd.

Appearing nonchalantly onstage, the headliners started playing furiously as frontman Dylan Sizemore beckoned the crowd to the front aggressively, pointing at individual audience members shouting, “Hey you! Yeah you! Come here!” I was hooked immediately. The singer’s long hair span in all directions as he screamed into the microphone, challenging us, the crowd, to participate in the madness.  What followed was a surf tinted whirlwind of noise and chaos on and off the stage. Excellent musicianship from the drums, Glenn Brigman, bass, Alex Bulli, and lead guitarist Josh Menashe complemented the frantic stage presence of Sizemore, creating a welcome balance between chilled out surf music and edgier rock sounds. Coming off the back of a European tour, the boys were well seasoned from the road and at first I suspected they wanted to see what Glasgow could give, they weren’t disappointed. We danced and roared for more after every song, including some more literal surfing from yours truly. The stand out song from the set was the title track from new album Brain Telephone released last year, available on all good streaming sites, and notably, on vinyl. Catch them wherever you can, Frankie and the Witch Fingers know how to show their audience a good time, don’t miss out.

Main Support and explosive three-piece, Shredd, nearly blew my earplugs out with their powerful mixture of droning guitar pedals and cutting beats on the drums. Well known in the Glasgow scene, Shredd proved they were good for it by stepping up to the plate for a highly desirable support slot. The guys have found a satisfying middle ground in their sound somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and a more traditional 60’s rock n roll feel. Listen to Flight of Stairs on Spotify for a flavour, Shredd are well worth a look if you see them on a line up.

Openers Rottenrows were the Yin to Shredd’s Yang, and completed the trio of Californian sounds heard throughout the evening. Their relaxed 60’s stoner vibe with washing guitars wrapped me in a velvety blanket, and made me glad to leave the beer garden on a perfect hazy Scottish heatwave, and paved the way for the other bands to raise the level again and again. Well done to each of the bands on display and thanks to Freakender for a well organised night.


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