Fullshore / The Academy 3, Birmingham | 23rd of March

Fullshore / The Academy 3, Birmingham | 23rd of March

The Academy 3 in Birmingham hosted a plethora of bands in Friday night, five to be precise. An alternative rock night in the form of Mosbey, Surrge, The Dead Agents, Underground Empire and the headliners Fullshore. A crowd of families and friends gathered for the evening but every set lacked an atmosphere from the crowd, some of the bands sounded great with Fullshore taking home the bacon in terms of sound and energy on stage.

First up were the ‘out of town’ band, Mosbey who hail from Manchester. A young band who released their first single on the day of the gig, Trapped, which has an appealing emo sound similar to that of Moose Blood or Modern Baseball. Their set was pumped full of reverb which gave the band a bigger sound. Mosbey performed well and the sound was great but I couldn’t help think that the vocalist let them down slightly. Between the mumbled verses that were drowned out by the guitars, came over the top shouting vocals that felt strained and the singer searching for a pitch that could not be reached in his range. Still one to keep an eye on as they are set to release music this year.

Next up are Surrge, a hard rock outfit that provided the heaviest riffs of the night. They played a mixture of originals and covers but stick to the original stuff tonight. Their bluesy metal sound had remnants of Black Stone Cherry and tinges of Metallica but the powerful female vocalist gave it an edge to an extent. While the rhythm section held the songs down for the most part, the talented guitarist was allowed to shine. Providing the main riffs and shredding a solo in every song showcased his skills but soon became repetitive. Ending on the Killing in The Name Of by Rage Against The Machine was a fun cover but left much to be desired by the crowd.

The Dead Agents are next on, a project in its infancy, this is their second ever gig but I get the impression that this isn’t their first time out as touring musicians. They played well and sounded tight, plenty of passion behind them too. The vocalist was powerful and pitch perfect throughout. However, their sound is quite generic with a mix of Mallory Knox and Stereophonics. Although this a new project and they sounded good, the songs needed more compositionally to stand out. One fast paced song early on in the set stood out but the structure and sound was nothing new or memorable.

Indie rock but very eclectic, Underground Empire were final support of the night and played very well. A punchy lead guitar was not too far from an early Arctic Monkeys sound. The vocalist was great and she had an air of confidence too. The mix up in tempos was something that wasn’t present among the other bands and was a welcome change in pace. The bassist had variety too, even tapping on the high end for the verses of one of the songs and some nice licks were incorporated well. The vocalist sounded fantastic during the set with her performance being something to remember, that and the bassist throwing his instrument to the floor on the last note of the song, unnecessarily. That was followed by the slightly awkward moment of the bassist returning to the stage to check that there no major damage to the bass.

Finally the headliners take to the stage, the crowd has taken a dent which is sad to see especially when Fullshore are by far the best band to play. Sonically, they were on point and the songs are just a lot more memorable and interesting. When the band walk on they have an aesthetic and distinct felling behind them. For example, their microphone stands were dressed in flowers which is nothing ground breaking but good to see a band of this size to take time and effort to put little details into their performance. The pop rock sound that had its high moments was nice and bright but for the most part, the set was draped with a emo feeling that suited them down to the ground. They play through their entire discography of one single, First Love, and four track EP, ‘Cherish’. Their new unreleased singles: Scratches and Perfume sounded great with that shoegaze pop sound coming into full affect once again.

Particular highlight of the set, Wither had great instrumentation the felt big but the real stand out moment is the chorus. The new band members, Jon and Jack (guitarist and bassist) played off lead vocalist Ben perfectly, contrasting his quieter and softer vocal with a shouty, coarse melody. Kendall’s trademark emo lyrics of drowning and not wanting to surface has this memorable build and pay off with the entire band getting involved for the final choruses. Set closer Wine has the bounciest vibe of the night and deserves more from the crowd. This band has bags of potential the new material show plenty of evidence to support that. I am very excited to see where they can go with a concrete line up with more songs and shows under their belt.


  • First Love
  • Chic
  • This Time Around
  • Scratches
  • Wither
  • Perfume
  • Kendall
  • Wine


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