Goat – Fuzzed in Europe

Goat – Fuzzed in Europe

The second live album from Swedish experimental psych rockers Goat is out on Friday. Crash
managed to get hold of a copy for an early review, and we weren’t disappointed.

The loosely knit and anonymous group are known for their eclectic fusion of psychedelic rock with world
music, afro-beat and funk, among others, as well as their use of tribal regalia and masks in
shows and interviews. Fuzzed in Europe is as good a representation of the enigmatic collectives
ritualistic and improvisational live shows as you’re ever likely to hear. Recorded over the course
of Goat’s 2016 European tour, the tracklist contains tracks from all three of their studio albums,
along with live staple The Sun the Moon (unreleased, except on their previous live album) and
the unusual addition of 2015 single Time for Fun.

The album opens with a wail of guitar feedback before launching into an extended version of
Talk to God from 2014’s Commune, recognizable from the off for it’s intricate lead riff, even
before the unmistakable ritual chants of the 2 female vocalists enter the sonic fray. Goat’s music
thrives in the live setting, and that energy shines through on the album. Follow up track, the
whimsical Time for Fun, however, is probably the weak link on the album overall, and an odd
track choice for what is quite a short album. (Although it is still a decent tune, and an
improvement on the uncharacteristic, drum machine rhythm of the studio version.)

I Sing in Silence, from the most recent offering Requiem, (2016) loses the flute from the
studio in favour of a three minute fuzz laden dual guitar solo, over an infectious rhythm section
showing off the collectives world and afrobeat influences. Gathering of Ancient Tribes is
faithful to the Commune versions pure psychedelia, with heavy use of wah and a more
combative edge to the vocalists chanted mantras, while the driving bassline and drumming of
penultimate track The Sun the Moon makes for an almost punk sound. (The latter also being
the only track to clock in at under 5 minutes!)

An uptempo rendition of World Music’s Run to Your Mama is the closer for the album, with a 7
minute improvised guitar solo culminating in another staple of Goat’s live shows, the acapella
war cry of “boy you better run to your mama now”, followed by a wall of fuzz and wailing to end
the set. The opening riff from Talk to God repeats to fade out the album, keeping with Goat’s
long held tradition of making their releases come full circle.


Overall, a great live album which captures the riotous atmosphere of Goat’s shows near flawlessly.



Track Listing:

1. Talk to God
2. Time for Fun
3. I Sing in Silence
4. Gathering of Ancient Tribes
5. The Sun the Moon
6. Run to your Mama


The album is coming out on 27th of October. Available for pre-order on Goat bandcamp page.


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