Hi, Charity / Hi, Charity | CRASH Presents

Hi, Charity / Hi, Charity | CRASH Presents

Liverpool’s answer to The 1975? Liverpool based Hi, Charity released their eponymous debut EP on January 3rd, and have found their sound with an infectiously catchy brand of pop rock.

All instruments and vocals on the E.P are performed by multi-instrumentalist Rob Langford. Although, it is rumoured that the band will be emerging with a full live line up later in 2018! The opening track Down hooks you in from the first guitar line, and is a good showcase for Langford’s songwriting talents. Down is no frills (bar some low key use of keyboards for texturing) power pop with a singalong chorus, and an earworming guitar melody which has been on a loop in my brain throughout this write up!

The second track, Be With You continues along the same lines, and is the weakest offering on the eponymous EP, although with that said it retains the infectious charm of Down and is still a solid enough offering in its own right. The final track, Now Your Armies are Broken brings an unexpected post rock twist into the mix, and for this writer is the clear standout track. This one opens with a melancholy motif, well paired with the softer vocal style employed by Langford. The atmosphere slowly builds up to a spoken word interlude, which gives way in turn to an ascendant post rock soundscape of soaring vocals and tremolo picked guitars, the instrumental section of which could be straight off a Mogwai album. Here’s hoping we see more of this atmospheric side of Hi, Charity on their next release!

Overall this is a great first release for Hi, Charity, and I look forward to being able to catch them live later in the year! The EP as a whole has great production values for a first release, and the songwriting is solid, with the standout moment for me being the soaring finale of Now Your Armies are Broken. Check it out now!

“Hi, Charity” is available now on at Bandcamp.


2 thoughts on “Hi, Charity / Hi, Charity | CRASH Presents

  • Chris JonesJanuary 10, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    I simply adore this EP. One of the best new band out of liverpool for sure, can’t wait to see them live

  • John BoyFebruary 10, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    What a cracking band, love the song Down! Something fresh and catchy, a real optimistic sound.


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