Hinds / The Gorilla, Manchester | 17th of April

Hinds / The Gorilla, Manchester | 17th of April

On April 17th I was lucky enough to see Spanish indie rockers Hinds at the Manchester Gorilla. Currently embarking on their I Don’t Run World Tour, Hinds came to Manchester looking to fulfil the high expectations set by the sold-out audience.

First up to the stage were South-London four-piece Horsey. Fronted by Jacob Reed (aka Jerkcurb) and Theo McCabe, Horsey brought their own unique brand of experimental jazz-rock to the stage in an attempt to win over the Manchester crowd. The band opened their set with a slowed-down cover of Charles Manson’s 1967 song Close to Me, controversial? I’ll let you decide. The band wore matching gold blazers doused with glitter that undoubtedly raised a few eyebrows but the blazers only intensified the 1980’s vibe set by the band. Horsey’s music and lyrics aren’t exactly easy on the ears but in the midst of all the madness I became completely fixated on the way the band presented themselves. Their music, stage presence and dress sense briefly turned the Gorilla into a 1980s cabaret club. When Horsey’s quaint 35-minute set came to an end, I came to the conclusion that Horsey are one of those bands that you’ll either love or loathe. The decision to have a band such as Horsey to support Hinds came across as a tad contentious as it is a clear clash in genres, it felt like nobody expected Horsey to be so jazzy and experimental and once their set was over the atmosphere felt slightly flatter than what it had been before they took to the stage.

The one thing I dislike about gigs is the wait between the support act and the headline act, the anticipation kills me every time. The wait was worth it when Hinds finally entered the stage only to be met with a wild roar of cheers by the audience. Hinds formed in 2011 in Madrid and have since released two albums to critical acclaim. The band is made up of Carlotta Cosials (Vocals, Guitar) Ana García Perrote (Vocals, Guitar) Ade Martín (Bass) and Amber Grimbergen (Drums). Over the years Hinds have developed a reputation for being an outstanding live band and they definitely lived up to their reputation at the Gorilla. They kick started the show with their new single The Club and almost instantly the venue started to bounce and shake. It’s always a fantastic sight to see a packed-out venue belting the lyrics out in unison with the band, I couldn’t help but smile as I knew from that moment on that this gig was going to be a special one. Hinds’ high-octane set tossed and turned between old and new material but one highlight of the night was when they played fan favourite Castigadas en el Granero. From the moment the first note was played ecstatic screams rang through the venue and mosh-pits began to appear near the stage. From start to finish Hinds engaged with the audience and Ana García Perrote was even brave enough to crowd-surf and share the microphone with thrilled fans.

Hinds are band full of tricks but the whole venue stood in astonishment when guitarist Carlotta Cosials placed her guitar behind her head and effortlessly nailed a guitar solo. I think Carlotta herself was surprised by that. Hinds are one of the most enigmatic, energetic and upbeat bands I have ever laid my eyes on and that’s the reason I would recommend them to anyone. An act like no other Hinds are true rock ‘n’ roll stars.

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