Idle Hands / Swarm of Fear | CRASH Presents

Idle Hands / Swarm of Fear | CRASH Presents

Breaking new band Idle hands introduced themselves on Monday 12.03.2018 with their debut Single, Swarm of Fear. The fresh Newcastle-based four-piece are regenerating Americana and begetting a unique sound, compiling folk and alt-country with modern flair.

There’s no denying that Swarm of Fear is an impressive piece of music, with a progressive flow which balances acoustic guitar, violin and a complementary rhythm section. The clean-cut finger-plucked pattern on the guitar is echoed by sombre lyrics, sung sweetly by lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Parkins. The essence of country truly shines through in the chorus however, with strong harmonies and a solid beat which juxtaposes against the verse nicely. What really makes Idle Hands stand apart from the crowd through this track though is the nature of the lyrics- very gruesome, very wholehearted and all the more encapsulating. On top of the beautifully orchestrated music, Parkins’ writing is what makes the song really hit home. That’s also the brilliance of Swarm of Fear, how Idle Hands have crafted such an enjoyable easy-listening track that simultaneously packs a punch.

Although precisely recorded, one of the elements which most adds authenticity to their sound is the fact that they record and produce their music at home. And it certainly pays off, every detail is finite to their original sound, adding that warm quality true to the resonance of folk.

Not only have Idle Hands made their mark as successful recording artists, but their debut gig on January 26th was a hit, as reviewed by our own David Ford. As with their debut track, they didn’t let first-time nerves get the better of them. Demonstrated in both their production and their performance, they have no intention of compromising their genuine musicianship. All in all, Idle Hands are definitely a band to watch out for.

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