Jesca Hoop / Thekla, Bristol | 30th of November

Jesca Hoop / Thekla, Bristol | 30th of November

Jesca Hoop, the american singer songwriter with an experimental and provocative pop-folk vibe encapsulated the audience of Bristol’s venue on a boat; the Thekla. What began Jesca’s musical career started with being a nanny for Tom Waits and Kathleen Breenan. After they encouraged her to pursue her talents she’s then grown into to a powerful artist, who’s recently released her fifth studio album; Memories are Now.

Lucas Oswald began the night with melancholic tunes, heavy with emotion, and sung with a beautifully delicate voice. He sings the praises of Jesca Hoop; “she’s sweet and very inspiring. Also the weirdest person I’ve ever met” before continuing on to tales of thanksgiving alongside “songs about depression”.

Jesca takes to the stage wearing a dress that blends salsa dancing and art nouveau. Starting bold and strong she begins with the title track; Memories are Now, getting everyone into a lively mood before Computer says No; the catchphrase from Little Britain, turned into a fun and rhythmic tune. Jesca fudges a few notes but smirks her way through them, and you can’t help but smile along with her. She begins some tracks again as they’re not to her standard, but it’s forgiven as her kookiness, always laughing at herself, and flawless singing distract us.

The set mellows to some of her older tracks, with her backing band of a vocalist, drummer and guitarist. By the end of the night you feel very much friends with Hoop. Whether it’s her reels of knock knock jokes (which maybe only she was finding funny), her lovable personality, or her ability to capture the eyes, ears and smiles of the Thekla, it was certainly a night to remember.

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