Miss Vincent / Subside Bar, Birmingham | 30th of November

Miss Vincent / Subside Bar, Birmingham | 30th of November

After a year that has seen their star rise to meteoric new heights, Miss Vincent were looking to close out their 2017 in style when they brought their brand of dark post punk music to Subside Bar Birmingham.

Mindstep opened the night by playing an acoustic set, they had lost two members due to injuries. With powerful vocals and catchy guitars, Mindstep left the crowd in awe of this powerful performance. Closing their set with Peach, a song wrote about just having fun playing video games. The track summed up Mindstep perfectly, they are a band who play music they enjoy and that is fun to listen too. For all fans of current Paramore, I highly recommend this band.

Harker were next up, the band quickly informed the fans this was their first time ever playing Birmingham and seemed extremely grateful to have been given the chance to be on the bill. With fast guitars and catchy choruses, Harker held nothing back in their attempt to win over the crowd.  The bands pop punk sound made use of powerful drums and guitars hooks that made you want to jump around, and with a vocalist whose voice was familiar enough to fit the pop punk genre expectations, but still unique enough to stand out from the plethora of other pop punk singers.

Soon after headline act Miss Vincent exploded onto the stage. The band quickly made it apparent why they are considered one of the hottest up and coming bands in the British music scene. The bands dark lyrics and old school punk rock sound make them akin to bands such as Alkaline trio and Creeper. Miss Vincent however does not seek to imitate these bands, and bring jaw dropping melodies to their sound along with anthemic choruses. The bands tight set featured the perfect balance between older hits such as You Can’t Spell Blame Without Me and Disparate Desperate, alongside tracks off their latest album ‘Somewhere Else.’ Miss Vincent were clearly not holding back, and gave their all in every song. This became most apparent when lead singer Alex Marshall took a few seconds between songs just to get his breath back. The overwhelming dedication to playing the best show the band physically could did not go unappreciated, and saw Miss Vincent receive thunderous applause off the small Birmingham crowd after every song.

This show really highlighted the talent that is hidden in Britain’s underground music scene. Although this scene may not remain underground for much longer due to the undeniable talent of acts like Miss Vincent. For all those looking for some exciting new post punk music after the end of acts such as My Chemical Romance and Fearless Vampire Killers and the lack of new music and tours from the likes of Alkaline Trio. I highly recommend Miss Vincent as the band that can and will fill that hole in your life.

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