Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

On Friday 6th of October we caught Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam.

This was the first time I have had the pleasure of witnessing the legendary gothic frontman Nick Cave, and the legend did not disappoint. Opening the set with Skeleton Tree’s Anthrocene, you could tell this was not just a greatest hits tour. They still are generating fantastic material that reflects well on their history as a band. Although was many times larger than what they would have been used to 30 years ago. Visually the band looked very small, yet everyone in the arena could feel staggering energy and massive presence of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

The band played through some of their more recent hits before moving towards classics they would have played on the smaller stage: From Her To Eternity and Tupelo.

While the set varied up and down from being instantly very tribal/industrial to what could have been a one on one serenade with Into My Arms. You were constantly engaged with the stage, not wanting to go to the toilet and risking missing one moment.

Gearing towards the end of the set, a couple of fans were seen being carried out after fainting inside the dense crowd of fans who were definitely past their moshing days.

For the encore we witnessed Nick walking through the crowd, and standing on the camera platform to serenade the crowd from within for The Weeping Song.

After a moving performance, he invited 30 or so fans to join him on stage for his groovy rendition of Stagger Lee. Most fans treated the performance with respect, while only a couple tried pushed to the front to try and dance with Nick, only to be let down by the man himself. And a word of advice for anybody who is ever invited on stage by Nick, please do not vape in front of the master, it looks very out of place.

As any fan knows, the key player in the Bad Seeds is Warren Ellis. Looking slightly Allen Ginsberg-esque, he doesn’t seem suited like he would be a match for the ex-singer of the punk group Birthday Party. However, without Ellis there would be no Bad Seeds, it would just be Nick Cave and his band. Warren Ellis spends the vast majority of the show conducting the rest of the group, leading them on with some of the most vicious violin playing I have ever witnessed.

Warren Ellis’s input adds a power that sounds like it combines John Cale, Swans and the more modern Fat White Family. Cave is known worldwide for his literary genius, but I feel that Warren Ellis needs to be held more on the same level of talent when talking about the Bad Seeds.

If you have not already seen them during this tour, it is rumoured they will be returning next year for another European tour. Whatever it takes, travel thousands of miles, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds have not deteriorated, but have rather improved with age and will not let you down.


Set List:

  1. Anthrocene
  2. Jesus Alone
  3. Magneto
  4. Higgs Boson Blues
  5. From Her To Eternity
  6. Tupelo
  7. Jubilee Street
  8. The Ship Song
  9. Into My Arms
  10. Girl In Amber
  11. I Need You
  12. Red Right Hand
  13. The Mercy Seat
  14. Distant Sky
  15. Skeleton Tree



  1. The Weeping Song
  2. Stagger Lee
  3. Push The Sky Away

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