Oddity Road / The Bodega, Nottingham | 16th of March

Oddity Road / The Bodega, Nottingham | 16th of March

The Bodega, has been and still is at the epicenter of Nottingham’s effervescent live music scene. Devoting itself to providing its max capacity of two hundred-something people, with intimate gigs that feel more like they’re in someone’s packed out garage, rather than an uncomfortably detached venue. Being feet away from the band, lacking restrictive barriers between the musicians and their devotees and ultimately providing everyone from back of the room to the front row and the bands themselves with an intimate experience that very few venues have to offer.

Nottingham locals, The Colliders, opened the night up with a fervent and impeccable set of innovative tracks, performing with what seemed to every member of the audience like unadulterated satisfaction to be playing live to a crowd of Friday night locals and friends alike. Closing their set with a cover of, A certain romance, resulting in the already animated crowd bursting out into a frenzy of messily screamed lyrics from the top of everyone’s lungs, a sense of irrefutable credence evident by the band and audience throughout. Same Streets followed suit with a set that not only perpetuated the energy in the room but built the crowd up for the main act. Mixing the sounds of bands like The Kinks and T.Rex, with high-octane distinctive lyrics, a stylish aesthetic, faultlessly performed guitar riffs, and overall executing an original sound with incomparable confidence.

In complete polarity to most support acts that seem to be met with impatient grumbles, the supports of Oddity Road elicited a complete sense of youthful carelessness from the crowd, an alluring yet lost sight at too many gigs.

Oddity Road by Amelia James

With a restless audience’s anticipation at their heels, Sheffield native, Oddity Road stormed the stage with utter conviction. For their final night of their tour they’d play a sold-out show to a healthy mix of adoring fans and new comers. Gracing the borderline cramped stage with unfeigned high-spirits and hard-hitting vocals, all whilst claiming every inch of stage available to them and making it undoubtedly theirs for the night. Fans pressed wall to wall in pre-emptive mosh pits before each new song with an excitement that most arena filling bands struggle to evoke out of their fans. Lyrically speaking, Oddity Road demonstrated not just a level of maturity, but also intelligence to lyrics that felt sincere and thought out, encapsulating a beautifully executed blend of teenage romance and real life in their writing, resulting in authentic tracks like Handshake that were performed perfectly with legitimate heart and soul. Subsequently paying beautiful homage to early 2000’s indie and garage rock whilst pertaining to their own well established and unique sound.

The atmosphere of the night a quintessential culmination of everything wonderful and treasured about live music; the tolerated pushing and dancing that becomes a weirdly welcomed part of every great gig, the shouting of lyrics as hands reach out at a beer-soaked ceiling that’s seen 20-something years of music and life. All whilst breaking away from an often all too predictable and formulaic sound of four chords and exhausted writing, to bring a refreshing and passionate take on the typical indie rock sound.

2 thoughts on “Oddity Road / The Bodega, Nottingham | 16th of March

  • Angie smithMarch 19, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    The colliders were great as usual so were the other bands great night

  • FedersMarch 20, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    Top marks to all the bands on show. Especially the extremely talented Colliders, thanks for a great evening.


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