One Last Thrill / Face It | CRASH Presents

One Last Thrill / Face It | CRASH Presents

Andover’s smashingly steadfast rock outfit One Last Thrill kick off their year with single Face It on February 2nd, accompanied by a launch show at The Winchester Gate in Salisbury. The release is the first of a planned triptych of singles scheduled to crash down later in the year, culminating in their third EP.

Under the watchful eye of kind fortune, the track came to be as a result of a coin toss — how indebted we and the band are for this, as it is their most refined track to date. Where in prior offerings singer Steph Whitehead was punishing her vocal chords in attempts to trounce the shredding and thwacking of her cohorts, her tones are clear and crisp here, allowing for the moxie-laced lyrics to take the vanguard. ‘Talk down to us, we’ll just stand tall,’ carries the courageous essence of Eddie Vedder not only in spirit but in Whitehead’s growl too. Bassist Gareth Haskins’ rolling and rumbling rhythm echoes early 90s Jeff Ament, fanning the grunging fire of Pearl Jam even higher.

The optimism of the track marks a refresh for their sound too, hinting that a course has been charted to sail away from the hard-nosed swells of their past and into more accessible waters. Regardless of the new direction, their identity is still intact by way of guitarist Oscar Rees’ squealing solo, showing his ongoing affection for Slash, but it marks the winding down of the tune all too soon. It is a short and sweet little ditty, that most definitely does not outstay its welcome and leaves us salivating for what’s next. Successor single Empires Fall and their mysterious third track will hopefully follow on lickety-split.

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