Our Hollow, Our Home / The Maze, Nottingham | 28th of March

Our Hollow, Our Home / The Maze, Nottingham | 28th of March

The Maze has been a foundation for small, and young bands in Nottingham for years, a stable fixture in the music community. It is friendly local venue, that’s such a size you feel close to the band, they’re not miles away behind a row of security and physical barriers, something that bands often take advantage of by coming down into the audience during the show, as well as after. On a Wednesday evening in March, it hosted a mammoth set of five metal bands.

Starting the evening is newcomers Penitence, for whom this is their first gig together but this doesn’t come across. Their performance is cohesive and professional, with a good stage presence and the combination of electronic and hardcore goes down well with the crowd.

Next up is Infirm of Purpose who immediately set the tone as informal with finger lights attached to everything from guitar tuning pegs to the guitarist’s glasses. Accompanied by backing tracks, a mix of clean and screamed vocals, driving drums, and big riffs all build their electronic metalcore sound. Unfortunately, the set had a few technical difficulties meaning it wasn’t as smooth a performance as they might normally provide. The set ended on a high with a Linkin Park cover of One Step Closer which went down very well with the crowd.

Local metalcore band BLACK INK plays regularly in and around Nottingham and took to the stage naturally to perform a well-coordinated and professional set. Their duel vocalist set-up – one primarily screaming, one singing and screaming – works really well live, adding an extra dimension to their sound, especially as one remained in the audience throughout and who responded by dancing and singing along. Towards the end of the set, BLACK INK also played some songs from their previous guise Famous for Nothing.

InVisions clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to song writing, juxtaposing heavy guitars and screaming with silence really effectively, especially when played in a live setting.  Getting that timing right could be difficult, but every song was played perfectly. They have a good stage presence, professional, yet energetic in a way that inspires the audience to dance along. Everyone was clearly having a good time, dancing and opening up a mosh pit.

Throughout the evening, the mosh pits had been growing in size and vigour, so when Our Hollow, Our Home graced the stage, the pit opened immediately, larger and more enthusiastic than any before it. Full of infectious energy and fervour, the room was quickly bouncing along to the songs and shared high spirits. On stage, the guitarists moved with choreographed synchronicity in time to the music, providing a very polished performance. They rounded the evening off with a metal cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You, after the audience demanded an encore, before packing the equipment up and heading off with smiles on their faces, mirrored by those in the crowd.


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