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Too Many Zooz / The Marble Factory, Bristol | 10th of May

Now then, Too Many Zooz is a kooky expression isn’t it? If someone pointed a finger or a trumpet at me and said that in a semi accusatory tone I’d go right ahead and assume I was displaying an excess of something I don’t even know. Well those three names up there and the instruments next to them are Too Many Zooz. Fittingly, that implacable abundance is precisely what you get from their high octane showings. I’m not even sure how to write about them.

The Herbaliser / The Fleece, Bristol | 7th of May

Those at The Fleece on Monday were fortunate enough to catch the final show of The Herbaliser’s UK tour. A strong crowd and an even stronger ensemble of musicians (8 in total) – all seemingly indefatigable in the midst of Bank Holiday heat – saw out the long weekend in style.

Vida / Jimmy’s, Manchester | 5th of May

Brought to you by This Feeling, Scottish five-piece Vida took to the stage at Manchester’s own indie music hub, Jimmy’s on Saturday 5 May. Branded by rock and roll icon Noel Gallagher himself, This Feeling is set to be “The best club in the UK for future rock n roll stars”, making it unsurprising that up along with support acts Anhedonia and Wulfman Fury, Vida brought to the stage an energetic fresh take on Britpop.

Bonnacons of Doom / Argenta | CRASH Presents

Bonnacons of Doom return to the scene with another of their trademarked soundscapes, this time, bringing five minutes of atmospheric bliss in the form of their new single Argenta.

Vacations / The Lanes, Bristol | 4th of May

Vacations were the ones taking the stage at The Lanes in Bristol on this particular Friday night, May 4th 2018, greatly backed by Spang Sisters as well. Both of these bands are what I would describe as modern-day indie pop, with dreamy guitars and melodies galore. Sounds great, right? Well here’s my answer: it’s like another experience.

Akua Naru / The Fleece, Bristol | 2nd of May

On Wednesday, Naru performed in Bristol at The Fleece. Lights of blues and greens flicked across the stage as she appeared before the crowd, barefoot, following an instrumental intro from her (supremely talented) five-piece band.

Shonen Knife / Summerhall, Edinburgh | 1st of May

In the dissection room of the Old Royal Dick Vet, crowds of ragged crust punks and fresh-faced riot grrrls gather together to have a different kind of blade slice them open. Legendary Osakan pop-punk trio Shonen Knife head to Summerhall on their ‘Alive!’ tour, happy to be back screaming hits from their discography of happy go-lucky songs to the crowds of “Edinburgh Rock City”.

No Hot Ashes / Zanzibar, Liverpool | 27th of April

No Hot Ashes deliver on the 27th of April 2018 a night of funk fused with alternative rock at Liverpool’s own Zanzibar. The event is presented by This Feeling and includes support from fellow indie-rockers Big Bambora, Azura Kings, and Vida.

Her’s / The Louisiana, Bristol / 26th of April

‘Baby I’m not like those guys, I just want to talk all night’. Her’s – the duo bringing old school romance back into a modern day context with their sensitively groovy songs. On 26th April, at The Louisiana, Bristol was treated to an evening of dreamy jangle pop… and a life size cardboard cut-out of James Bond (your guess is as good as mine).

Trampolene / The Night and Day Café, Manchester | 26th of April

The Night and Day Café once again proved why it is the most underrated music venue in Manchester. On Thursday evening the Night and Day Café hosted Welsh rockers Trampolene, plus support from King Kartel, Sophie and the Giants and Himalayas.