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Boy Azooga / Heartbreakers, Southampton | 25th of April

Boy Azooga cropped up on my Spotify recommended a little while back and their track Face Behind Her Cigarette had me hooked. Keyboardist Dylan was surprised to hear that the algorithms were working in the up-and-coming band’s favour, someone’s doing something right! he said shaking his head. The four guys, Davey Newington on vocals and guitar, Sam Barnes on bass, Dylan Morgan on keys and Dafydd Davies the drummer are fresh faced lads from Cardiff with some serious talent.

Avalanche Party / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 28th of April

On Saturday the 28th of April 2018, Edinburgh’s underground music venue Sneaky Pete’s hosted Yorkshire based Garage-Punk band, Avalanche Party. The quintet were backed by Portalooth, a heavy rap-rock band, Oskar Braves, a new wave alternative group with a deep shoegaze feel and, finally, Shotgun City Sunshine local Edinburgh band providing classic rock and roll.

Forever In Debt / Forget Me Knot | CRASH Presents

From Widnes in the North West of England comes the rock band Forever In Debt. Described on their Bandcamp page as “Ear-splittin’ grunge noise”, I personally think there couldn’t have been a better way to describe them that concisely. This EP, titled Forget Me Knot, begins with Without A Sense of Summer, which is a kick to the face, leaving the listener fallen to the floor thinking “Wow, I was not ready for that”.

Merkules / The Wardrobe, Leeds | 23rd of April

Although he’s lost his voice in the midst of a European tour, it doesn’t stop Canadian hip hop artist Merkules from tearing The Wardrobe apart with a performance made up of hard hitting lyrics, volatile stage presence and an exertion of pure honesty.

FRANK / Gem of the Peak | CRASH Presents

Gem of the Peak is the upcoming debut album of promising Indie Rock band FRANK. The Wirksworth group, who have secured a modest following through their catchy tunes and larger than life stage presence, are releasing the album with Sound-Hub Records on May 11th, 2018, but I was given an exclusive preview to review. For those who are fans of talented vocals and an array of influences combining into a unique and widespread choice of sounds, this album is for you.

Fat Goth / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 18th of April

Fat Goth is a near perfect name for a rock band from along the Tay. It sparks memories of hanging around city centres as an ostracised teen having the insult lashed at us on a daily basis by cooler, prettier people listening to more conventional subgenres of music.

Hinds / The Gorilla, Manchester | 17th of April

On April 17th I was lucky enough to see Spanish indie rockers Hinds at the Manchester Gorilla. Currently embarking on their I Don’t Run World Tour, Hinds came to Manchester looking to fulfil the high expectations set by the sold-out audience.

Across the Threshold Festival / Baltic Triangle, Liverpool | 13/14th of April

Well, it wasn’t really a competition, each of the acts that I had the pleasure of seeing at Across the Threshold were remarkable in their own way. So, whilst Arctic Monkeys fans were scrambling to pay up to £4000 a ticket over the weekend, I saw some sense and headed down to Across the Threshold Festival which took place in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool and saw some of the country’s best up and coming talent.

Our Hollow, Our Home / The Maze, Nottingham | 28th of March

The Maze has been a foundation for small, and young bands in Nottingham for years, a stable fixture in the music community. It is friendly local venue, that’s such a size you feel close to the band, they’re not miles away behind a row of security and physical barriers, something that bands often take advantage of by coming down into the audience during the show, as well as after. On a Wednesday evening in March, it hosted a mammoth set of five metal bands.

Goat Girl / The Deaf Institute, Manchester | 31st of March

On March 31st The Deaf Institute in Manchester welcomed South-London garage-rockers Goat Girl to the stage with support from Suitman Jungle. The Rough Trade-signed quartet formed in 2016 and have their 19 track self-titled debut album out next week.