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Acrylic / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 29th of March

On Thursday 29th March Edinburgh’s famous Sneaky Pete’s, hosted an EP launch for Glasgo w alternative rock quintet Acrylic and their new release All I Am. Performing were Posable Action Figure: a blues-inspired pop-rock duo of guitar and drums, Mt Doubts lead singer Leo Bargery: alternative singer/songwriter. And finally, Acrylic.

Something Anorak / Bowling | CRASH Presents

I listened to Something Anorak a over the Winter. My pink ears flicked through the musical offerings of local songwriters, players, bands, and when I came across them I found myself listening to the work in perhaps half-an-hour stretches, and in such stretches I found rich and interesting elements. The Bristol duo recently released their sophomore LP Bowling. How is it?

PRIMAL / The Maze, Nottingham | 27th of March

On Tuesday 27th March, The Maze’s Notts in a Nutshell hosted four local artists who each displayed raw talent and provided great entertainment for those who came. Performing were PRIMAL: a blues rock power trio, Frank: a local guitar-heavy Indie Rock band, Black Cabinet: a blues-inspired rock n roll trio and Tom Shawcroft: an indie singer-songwriter.

Olden Yolk / Hy-Brasil Music Club, Bristol | 26th of March

On Monday, 26th March 2018, I arrived in Bristol early for the gig on the Monday before the Easter bank holiday. Slightly disorientated from my sleepy train ride, I found myself sat on a bench, in Queen’s Park, listening to Boards of Canada and marveling at the vibrancy of Bristol: its colour, its glowing healthy air and aesthetic. Bristol is a place where modern ideas and antiquated architecture meet with a result of metropolitan exhilarating pulse.

Alex Lahey / Studio 2, Liverpool | 24th of March

It’s the 24th of March when Alex Lahey (supported by Ziptied, Quen, and Lazy Day) is set to entertain us at Liverpool’s Studio 2. It’s a venue of modest size and with an air so casual that it’s entirely possible to find yourself wedged in amongst the support acts sprinkled in the audience and remain oblivious up until they head to the stage.

Fullshore / The Academy 3, Birmingham | 23rd of March

The Academy 3 in Birmingham hosted a plethora of bands in Friday night, five to be precise. An alternative rock night in the form of Mosbey, Surrge, The Dead Agents, Underground Empire and the headliners Fullshore. A crowd of families and friends gathered for the evening but every set lacked an atmosphere from the crowd, some of the bands sounded great with Fullshore taking home the bacon in terms of sound and energy on stage.

Esme Bridie / Studio 2, Liverpool | 22nd of March

This is her moment, a beckoning silhouette emerges from the ambient purple haze, centre stage with her trusted guitar in toe. Esme Bridie stands stoic with her band ready to showcase to Studio 2 her dulcet tones. Intimate and enticing, we the audience are about to bear witness to the true effects of being captivated by beautiful perplexities.

Idle Hands / Swarm of Fear | CRASH Presents

Breaking new band Idle hands introduced themselves on Monday 12.03.2018 with their debut Single, Swarm of Fear. The fresh Newcastle-based four-piece are regenerating Americana and begetting a unique sound, compiling folk and alt-country with modern flair.

Vök / The Deaf Institute, Manchester | 21st of March

Award-winning Icelandic four-piece Vök took to the stage at The Deaf Institute in Manchester on March 21st with support from the London-based solo-artist Tusks. Hailing from Hafnarfjörður (about 10 miles south west of Reykjavík) Vök formed in 2013 and have since released two EP’s and one album.

Milk Teeth / The Deaf Institute, Manchester | 19th of March

British pop-punk outfit Milk Teeth brought their Go Away tour to an impassioned crowd at The Deaf Institute for a Monday night of sweat and angst. They’ve gathered an unhesitant momentum since joining Roadrunner Records, releasing Eps Be Nice and Go Away which have clearly gone down well, the room rendered enamoured with Becky Blomfield’s every breath and twitch.