Plastic House / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 14th of March

Plastic House / Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh | 14th of March

A night out on a Wednesday always does the trick of breaking up the week. This was definitely the case at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh’s much-loved Cowgate on the 14th of March. To kick the evening off Monsters On Movie Posters rounded up the audience and jumped straight into a blistering set with their front man entertaining the audience with some patter throughout.

Next up, the return of Metro Mafia after some time away was well anticipated and built up with the crowd chanting the famous Scottish Here we f***ing go as they entered the stage from the crowd. Straight away it was easy to see why there was a lot of excitement and buzz in the air as they opened their set with the guitarist Harry Noble leading the way with The Last Time. Halfway through their set they invited on guest singer Georgia Noble to sing What You’ve Really Done To Me and she really brought the place alive with her soulful voice grabbing the attention of everyone in the venue. The four-piece indie/rock band finished their time on stage with Woman, a song that displayed what the band are about – groove filled riffs, heavy drums and powerful vocals.

With everyone feeling pumped and replenished after hearing some fantastic music from two local bands it was time for Plastic House to step up to the plate away from their beloved Manchester. And boy did they. They jumped right in with Looks Like A Nightmare and straight away the lead singer had gripped the audience with his soulful and grandiose vocals. There was a real honesty and innocence about the four musicians in the crowd before their set and up on stage during it. The selection of songs they played showcased their true talent for writing songs with emotive lyrics, catchy hooks and stylish melodies all themed with a hint of romance. If you had known these boys had just spent most of their day cramped in a tour van travelling from Manchester you would have been a bit skeptical as to weather they could really deliver a pounding set. But energy is definitely one thing Plastic House brings with them everywhere they go.

A brilliant night at Sneaky Pete’s once again backed up the ever-growing point that Edinburgh and other cities need to keep their small venues alive and kicking. They not only provide entertainment to hundreds of music lovers every week but also act as a parent figure in the grass roots movement of getting new bands further up the ladder.

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