Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table / CRASH Presents

Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table / CRASH Presents

Widnes punk trio Salt the Snail’s second single Spanish Announce Table is landing on the 1st February on Society of Losers Records.

Following on from 2017 debut Coffee, Spanish Announce Table is another solid offering from a band quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with for their riotous live shows. The latest single captures the energy in the studio, and the frenetic punk riffing and solid drumming (with some great use of fills) are the perfect backdrop for vocalist Krystian “Yeahbuddy” Hudson’s irreverent ramblings. (“You rode me like a horse!”) Those looking for technicality or lyrical pretensions won’t find them here, but Salt the Snail are all the better for it, with a raw presence and energy which by itself carries their music.

The video for Spanish Announce Table is as bizarre as you would expect, involving the band and assorted flag-bearing, horse riding followers charging through dilapidated city streets, wearing wrestling masks and launching each other through tables. (There is method to the madness, as the track title apparently references a WWE trope of wrestlers being smashed through the Spanish commentators table. If the high-brow reference goes over your head, fear not! StS have provided a helpful montage to illustrate!) The video and track together make up a surreal whole which will leave you perhaps a little baffled, but also craving a full length release.

For those itching to see Salt the Snail in their natural element, the trio will headline The Jacaranda on 2nd February for SNAILMANIA as part of Independent venue week, with support from Bisch Nadar and Wife. Don’t miss it!

The single will be available on Salt the Snail Bandcamp from 1st February.

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