Sweet Tooth / The Lanes, Bristol | 16th of March

Sweet Tooth / The Lanes, Bristol | 16th of March

The Lanes. Friday 16th March 2018. At this beloved Bristol venue tonight, Sweet Tooth stop here for their Too Sweet Tour, alongside bands GETRZ and The Travis Waltons. All around were people chatting, bowling, drinking and eating as they wait for the first band of the night, which was The Travis Waltons.

The Travis Waltons are a three-piece, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sound huge. Songs like Homewrecker further justify that. The musical chemistry between members Daniel Flay, Danny Watts and Amy Bevan is indescribable, which is something you can see across all these bands. Nevertheless, The Travis Waltons are a must-listen for everyone, particularly those who are fans of bands such as Catfish and the Bottlemen; their songs are well-crafted, upbeat and lively.
Standout song: Bright Eyes

Following The Travis Waltons come GETRZ. From Swindon, GETRZ are also an indie-rock band, and at that, one worth seeing live. Members Josh Heather, Dec Casey, Toby Politt and Dan Geary got everyone up on their feet as they played some of the greatest new indie-rock music I’ve personally heard in a while. They had an attitude that reminded me of grunge, in the sense that you could almost feel their onstage adrenaline rush when you see them live, especially when frontman Josh Heather jumped off stage and walked into the crowd, still singing the song they were playing. Songs like Mother, Jewellery and What He Said do a great job at showcasing that GETRZ are, simply put, a fantastic live band, like all indie artists should be.
Standout song: Mother

Now we’re at the point of the night where GETRZ have just come off stage and I’m thinking to myself, “How the hell could this night get any bigger?”, considering I’ve seen people in the crowd get lifted up and carried by their mates and a member of one of the bands jumping into the crowd. There’s no way this night could’ve got any bigger. Boy, was I wrong. Before I knew it, Sweet Tooth were on the stage. An astounding 6-piece setup, I could tell this band was going to bring something fresh to the table. Their sound is, for me, incomparable. When they play a song like Doctor Doctor, you can’t compare to other artists so easily, because Sweet Tooth are just so unique. The vocals between frontman Jordan Round and 2 backing vocalists Emma Lawrence and Lily Page work and sound amazing (e.g. in Supernatural), with beautiful harmonies from Page and Lawrence. The music from Round, as well as lead guitarist Marcus Houghton, bassist Rafael Martins and drummer Callum Hepburn, is dark and groovy, but also quite intricate, notably with excellent guitar work from Houghton; musically, they’re really refreshing, and I’ve never heard anything like it before. The band finished off their set with a hard rock cover of Post Malone’s rockstar, mixed together with Bullet For My Valentine’s Tears Don’t Fall, and it worked incredibly well. This band’s live show is just brilliant. They had hard-hitting music, dancing competitions for free merch (which is, in my opinion, genius) and a huge presence on the stage. Like the two bands before them, Sweet Tooth are undoubtedly worth listening to and seeing live. With only a few stops left on the Too Sweet tour after this, I think things are only looking up for Sweet Tooth, as they dominate the independent music scene with crushing alternative rock unlike anyone else.
Standout song: Supernatural

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  • Claire RoundMarch 18, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you so much for this enthusiastic review! Please let as many people know as you can reach in the music industry about Sweet Tooth. They deserve a record deal and AirPlay.


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