The Dead XIII, In Dante’s Eclipse and City of Ashes / Subside, Birmingham | 26th of October

The Dead XIII, In Dante’s Eclipse and City of Ashes / Subside, Birmingham | 26th of October

The Dead XIII brought The Bloodlines Tour to Subside bar in Birmingham.

The show was opened by local act In Dante’s Eclipse who took advantage of playing on home soil and brought a large crowd of passionate fans, who headbanged and screamed along to their traditional heavy metal songs. This instantly made In Dante’s Eclipse seem like a headline act instead of an opening support. The band later announced this was their bassist’s last show, however you would not have guessed it as he ran around the stage and yelled choruses with their singer. The only issue was how small the stage was however The Dead XIII had pre-planned for this and brought two metal crates for the band to stand on placed just off the stage allowing the band to move around and engage with the crowd more than if these crates where missing. However, In Dante’s Eclipse came up against a much greater issue. As their set progressed the sound team were incredibly sub-par and so saw the band often requesting instruments be turned up or down, but this did not always happen as the sound guy was also serving customers at the bar. These issues between the sound team and bands did not stop when main support City Of Ashes took the stage. Within two songs the singer was having to yell over to the sound guy to actually make it so he could hear himself in his ear. This made the band often miss out on chances to interact with the crowd due to these constant requests to the sound guy. City Of Ashes did not let this ruin their set; the band put all the energy they could into every song and even managed to get the crowd to sing with them. This was even more remarkable due to City Of Ashes being a much softer band than the rest on the bill, but yet still being able to win over a crowd who obviously preferred the heavier styles.

Finally, The Dead XIII took the stage. The band instantly made the venue explode roaring through tracks such as Frostbite and Lay Siege To Hell. The band perfectly combined their old and new material and always had members stood on the metal crates leaning into the crowd while they tore through solos or played breakdowns; making you forget you were stood in a small bar in Birmingham and instead made you feel as though you were watching a legendary metal act playing an arena show. The Dead XIII did not avoid the recurring problems with the sound. Lead singer Kurt Blackshard often asked for the sound guy to sort out the reverb on his mic which in many cases stopped the crowd hearing what the singer was saying to them. This sometimes lead to the band relying on long term fans to scream during songs and missing out on having new fans participate like you would expect at a usual The Dead XIII show.  In summary this show was limited by the venue its self however, each band that played pushed themselves to a whole new level as to paper over these cracks and create a memorable night.

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