The Fun Die Young / Unfairground | CRASH Presents

The Fun Die Young / Unfairground | CRASH Presents

Unfairground is the debut EP from the fresh new Pop Punk ensemble The Fun Die Young. The energy behind each of the 5 tracks on the EP is pure electric, it’s clear that the band has poured every ounce of their heated souls into the making of their pioneering sound.

The Fun Die Young’s sound is balanced with the perfect mix of angst & palpable soaring guitar riffs to allow their sound to become the epitome of raucous, boundless synergy. Each track on the EP is a testament of just how diversely eclectic the bands sound is, the vocals switch from sweet and almost romantic in an angry twee kind of way to as gritty as Johnny Rotten’s legendary drawl.

Thanks to the insanely talented drummer the harmonies are as tight as they come as you’d expect from any Pop Punk outfit. The band have done more than assimilate their predecessors sound, even if they do pertain a slight reminiscence to Pop Punk legends such as; Taking Back Sunday, The All American Rejects and All Time Low. The concluding track has to go down as my personal favourite, it’s drenched in such an iconic Punk nostalgia, that I’m sure even Joey Ramone would have given the British Pop Punk band a proverbial thumbs up for the absolute cacophonous explosion that their collective genius orchestrated. Because let’s face it, the British have always done Punk better. The Fun Die Young are just carrying on the legacy the Sex Pistols kindly left us with through their furiously progressive sound.

The EP featuring their hit single The One will be available to download and stream across all platforms from March 1st, 2018. For more info, music and tour dates head on over to The Fun Die Young’s official website.

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