The Velveteers – Debut EP / CRASH Presents

The Velveteers – Debut EP / CRASH Presents

A band’s debut EP has the important job of informing the listener the nature of the fundamental
sound that the band is attempting to achieve within its career. The EP may not be the defining
piece of the band’s lifespan but it should encompass the artistic goals that surround it. With this in
mind, The Velveteers, a heavy rock two piece hailing from Colorado, have just released their most
fully fledged collection of songs that signal them as a fiery duo with potential. With clear influences
from the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes, and a female vocal which is
as captivating and seductive as The Kill’s Alison Mosshart, this band will certainly do their best to
make some noise on the rock scene.

The EP is an array of heavy, distorted power chords alternating with fuzzy, bluesy rock riffs
accompanied by simple yet vital drumming. The lyrics tell of the dark yet exciting sides of love,
such as jealousy and distrust in Eyes That Tell Lies and Bloody Little Secrets. It is not ground
breaking poetry but fits the dark music well. However some songs lack the variety that is needed to
add that extra element of intrigue that will separate them from the rest. But, then again, I feel this is
a band that has already hinted at a more unique sound. The best songs include Darling Beloved
and Atlantic City. The former is the most stripped back track of the EP, with a charming lo-fi crackle
and thin vocal filter that makes one feel as though you are right in the room with the members.
Demi’s voice is delicate and woozy which means the minimalist use of instrumentation is valuable
rather than screaming for more layers.

However my favourite track off this fresh EP must be final one, Atlantic City, where the main riff
drives lazily along in a fuzzy day dream of distortion. And with a bag pipe noise reeling in the
background and a fantastic lead guitar solo, it is their most experimental track by far. I hope this is
just a mere taste of what is to come with this thundering Colourado act.

Self-titled debut EP is out on 7th of February following with North American tour.

2.9 EP Release show, Hi-Dive- Denver, CO
2.10 Church Of Swole- Manhattan, KS
2.11 Sisters of Sound Records- Manhattan, KS
2.11 The Legendary Boobie Trap Bar- Topeka KS
2.13 Auntie Mae’s- Manhattan, KS
2.14 The Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS
2.15 The Rino- Kansas City, MO
2.16 Foam- St. Louis MO
2.17 The Black Sheep Cafe- Columbia MO
2.18 American Dream Hi Fi Records- Kokomo IN
2.19 Tree Bar- Columbus OH
2.21 The Liars Club – Chicago Il
2.22 The Hive Collective- Cedar Rapids, IW
2.23 The Side Room, Omaha NE
2.24 Zoo Bar, Lincoln NE

More Dates to be Announced

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