Vida / Jimmy’s, Manchester | 5th of May

Vida / Jimmy’s, Manchester | 5th of May

Brought to you by This Feeling, Scottish five-piece Vida took to the stage at Manchester’s own indie music hub, Jimmy’s on Saturday 5 May. Branded by rock and roll icon Noel Gallagher himself, This Feeling is set to be “The best club in the UK for future rock n roll stars”, making it unsurprising that up along with support acts Anhedonia and Wulfman Fury, Vida brought to the stage an energetic fresh take on Britpop.

Originating from Alloa, Scotland, Vida began their performance by going straight into the music blaring their guitars which bared resemblance to B-side Oasis and their soulful infused lyrics. After their introductory song, Let You Believe, lead singer Pollock (Jamie) expressed his love to Manchester to the crowded garage rock esque basement, announcing “Manchester we’re Vida let’s have it” which is followed by chants from the audience all of whom were there to see Vida. In true Britpop style the audience came to the venue with their paisley shirts and parkas intact, which only shows the true dedication to the band considering it was one of the warmest days of the year.

Vida were engaged with their performance from start to finish, unlike many bands who play their music and leave, Vida preformed each song with deafening enthusiasm making them stand out as professionals within the indie-rock scene and a force to be reckoned with. Their melancholic vocals compiled influences such as the tone and tempo of Oasis with the carefree and slightly punk attitude of Arctic Monkey’s in their Whatever People Say I Am era.

Support acts Wulfman Fury and Anhedonia certainly made waves with the audience. Garage rock band and Sheffield natives, Wulfman Fury sound has been heavily influenced by the likes of Miles Kane and is a perfect example of how rock music can transcend into psychedelic sounds preforming songs about sleep paralysis which with the mellow guitars sounds like a whimsical daydream. Teamed with soulful bops and catchy riffs, Wulfman Fury is perfect easy listening summer music. Anhedonia however brought an undeniable edge to the evening possessing all the aspects of punk rock with heavy drumming and the purposeful out of tune vocals.

Vida radiated beams of energy, while still maintaining that laid-back kind of cool. Their frontman never stopped jumping and darting around to sharp riffs whilst headbanging, making use of the small stage whilst still managing to hit every note and simultaneously play guitar. His voice had a distinctive edge about it, when preforming their single Fade Away, the vocals sounded were smooth and relaxed which went hand in hand with the bittersweet lyrics, despite this their husky Scottish tone was noticeably present providing a unique sound. The energy of the rest of the band was also notable, all the members fed off each other’s energy which sent the audience into a frenzy. Despite Jimmy’s venue room only being a quaint little basement, Vida had the energy and presence of an arena performance which was reflected in the multiple pits and circles made by the audience with a couple attempts of crowd surfing at the back of the room.

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