Weezer / O2 Academy, Birmingham | 27th of October

Weezer / O2 Academy, Birmingham | 27th of October

On the day that Weezer release their eleventh studio album, ‘Pacific Daydream’, they play Birmingham’s O2 Academy and no one is there to see their take on synth-y ultra-pop; instead they put on a timeless show that has everyone hooked on nostalgic hits.

Weezer take to the stage and open with the riff from 2016’s California Kids only to kick into an album track from their quintessential ‘Blue Album’ – The World Has Turned and Left Me Here which is met with energy from the crowd. The next song, The Good Life, produces the first mosh pit of the night. Rivers was unhappy with setup for the first songs of the night but from here on in they sounded fantastic.

Moving onto the full version of California Kids and it’s difficult to separate this song by two decades worth of writing, recording and touring, it slotted into the set so nicely. Back to Blue for the next three songs, showing how much quality is embedded into the set: No One Else, the nursery rhyme feel of In The Garage, and the huge and energetic Surf Wax America. There’s not only hits from the ‘Blue Album’ but ‘Pinkerton’s’ huge melancholic sound in the form of El Scorcho and The Good Life

The ‘White Album’ has its own showcase with Rivers changing costume from his iconic jacket shirt and college tie to sport a crown and robe for King Of The World where he does mess up the lyrics for the second chorus but the crowd don’t seem to notice. Thank God For Girls has Rivers quick verses before a huge chorus that gets everyone screaming the title.

Pork and Beans ultra-grunge vibe goes down a treat with quiet and catchy verses before the distortion kicks in. The Birmingham crowd went wild sparking mosh pits and copious amounts of bounce. After what was one of the highlights of the set, the band turned to the new material in the form of second single from ‘Pacific Daydream’, Happy Hour, which is met with much quieter sing-alongs and a fraction of the energy. A real bummer after the ‘Red Album’ classic.

A short synth infused interlude that left much to be desired and the band pull a banger from their back catalogue, Undone – The Sweater Song. The crowd are back on side as the song chugs along in grunge harmony. The band then leave the stage while Cuomo performs a short rendition of I Took a Pill in Ibiza by Mike Posner which didn’t fit the demographic of the crowd but enjoyed by some.

The band play through Feel Like Summer, which is received to better effect from the crowd than the other material from ‘Pacific Daydream’, but fans are waiting for the big hits to roll in. The rest of set is the perfect run of songs that never dipped in energy or volume from the crowd. Heavy low-end guitars and Cuomo’s high-end vocal play together in harmony for Hash Pipe while the huge almost football-chant like chorus of Beverley Hills gets fans hyped for the finale.

Grunge classic, Say It Ain’t So, has the crowd yelling the lyrics in Cuomo’s face as he yells back. The feeling I get from the first Weezer performance that I have seen, this band love what they do! The solos to the sing-alongs they seem to never tire throughout matching the enthusiasm of the crowd. Short interval before the one song encore consisting of Buddy Holly which gets every ounce of energy from the fans. ‘Oo-we-oo’ rings around the venue for the final chorus while Cuomo is on stage with his microphone in one hand and swinging his jacket around his head with the other. When the song ends the crowd erupts and band take to front of the stage to thank and bow in front the crowd. A very special end to what was a great show, a show that was filled with timeless hits that ooze nostalgia; performed by a band whose careers spans twenty-five years but haven’t aged a bit.


The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

The Good Life

California Kids

No One Else

In the Garage

Surf Wax America

El Scorcho

My Name Is Jonas

King of the World

Thank God for Girls

Pork and Beans

Happy Hour

A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier

Undone – The Sweater Song

I Took a Pill in Ibiza

(Mike Posner cover) (Short)

Island in the Sun

Feels Like Summer

Hash Pipe

Beverly Hills

Say It Ain’t So


Buddy Holly

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