Beans on Toast / The Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool | 11th of May

It’s the 11th of May 2018, in the heart of Liverpool’s sprawling docklands, and Beans on Toast is getting ready to perform as he never quite has before – in front of a seated audience. At the Invisible Wind Factory, with Emilio Pinchi and Boss Caine set to support, this is going to be a night to remember.

Bonnacons of Doom / Argenta | CRASH Presents

Bonnacons of Doom return to the scene with another of their trademarked soundscapes, this time, bringing five minutes of atmospheric bliss in the form of their new single Argenta.

No Hot Ashes / Zanzibar, Liverpool | 27th of April

No Hot Ashes deliver on the 27th of April 2018 a night of funk fused with alternative rock at Liverpool’s own Zanzibar. The event is presented by This Feeling and includes support from fellow indie-rockers Big Bambora, Azura Kings, and Vida.

Forever In Debt / Forget Me Knot | CRASH Presents

From Widnes in the North West of England comes the rock band Forever In Debt. Described on their Bandcamp page as “Ear-splittin’ grunge noise”, I personally think there couldn’t have been a better way to describe them that concisely. This EP, titled Forget Me Knot, begins with Without A Sense of Summer, which is a kick to the face, leaving the listener fallen to the floor thinking “Wow, I was not ready for that”.

Across the Threshold Festival / Baltic Triangle, Liverpool | 13/14th of April

Well, it wasn’t really a competition, each of the acts that I had the pleasure of seeing at Across the Threshold were remarkable in their own way. So, whilst Arctic Monkeys fans were scrambling to pay up to £4000 a ticket over the weekend, I saw some sense and headed down to Across the Threshold Festival which took place in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool and saw some of the country’s best up and coming talent.

Alex Lahey / Studio 2, Liverpool | 24th of March

It’s the 24th of March when Alex Lahey (supported by Ziptied, Quen, and Lazy Day) is set to entertain us at Liverpool’s Studio 2. It’s a venue of modest size and with an air so casual that it’s entirely possible to find yourself wedged in amongst the support acts sprinkled in the audience and remain oblivious up until they head to the stage.

Esme Bridie / Studio 2, Liverpool | 22nd of March

This is her moment, a beckoning silhouette emerges from the ambient purple haze, centre stage with her trusted guitar in toe. Esme Bridie stands stoic with her band ready to showcase to Studio 2 her dulcet tones. Intimate and enticing, we the audience are about to bear witness to the true effects of being captivated by beautiful perplexities.

81 Acoustic / 81 Renshaw, Liverpool | 19th of January

81 Renshaw Street; Liverpool’s local, famous for its independent, quirky charm supplied a dry mouthed audience with a line-up of thirst quenching musicians in the form of Gal Pal, Evil Pink Machine, Lotus Bay, Anaisa and Gill Guillermo.

Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table / CRASH Presents

Widnes punk trio Salt the Snail’s second single Spanish Announce Table is landing on the 1st February on Society of Losers Records.

Dead Houses – Like to Know / Grey | CRASH Presents

Liverpudlian post-punk quartet Dead Houses inject their latest dose of scuzzing angst onto the scene by way of Society of Losers Records: a double single release coupled with a celebratory launch gig at DROP the Dumbulls in Liverpool on the 27th of January.